Self-Stock Check

Self-Stock Check

Have you ever sat down to ask yourself, what are my gifts and talents? Or do you just know them. It is not enough to just know them, are you exploring them? A story is told of a certain guy let’s call him Mali. Mali was full of resources. He was simply a resourceful person.

Mali had these guys that worked for him. He took a long trip and decided to entrust some of his property to these guys. Since they worked for him, he knew their abilities therefore he assigned them each according to their abilities. He gave one an equivalent of 500,000 thousand dollars, the second one about 200,000 dollars and the third about 100,000 Dollars.

After sometime he came back, the one with 500K had invested and doubled now he had one million. The one who was given 200K had doubled to 400K. However, the one with 100K hadn’t done anything with it in fact he just hid it. Mali was so impressed with the two who had doubled but with the one who hadn’t he was furious. He asked him why he couldn’t even bank it in a way that it could gain interest for him.

This story illustrates what we ought to do with our gifts and talents. We ought to make use of our gifts and talents to serve no matter the outcome. Monitor how you are making use of your gifts and talents over a period of time. Make use of your gifts and talents each at a time. It could be as a hobby or that it brings in some income, it doesn’t matter so long as you are using it to serve. Allowing what is inbuilt to flow brings fulfilment.

Making good use of our gifts and talents is not just about money, it is about allowing yourself to experience fulfilment. This plays a part in becoming self-aware.

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