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The Solace Series-Vision is a Guide find it.

The Solace Series-Vision is a Guide find it.

An itching need produces vision that it doesn’t matter what happens along the way coz your guide will always be that vision.

Is there a problem that you see around you that you believe you have the solution to it? What do you see years from now that the solution you have will sort? How does it look like years from now once you have implemented the solution? Now that, is vision! Vision is the end goal.

If there is something that bothers you that is happening in society and you believe that you have a solution or even solutions, destiny might be calling you. Develop the solution and then present it.

Do you feel hopeless in life? Directionless? The root cause might be you lack a vision for what you are doing. You may need to recalibrate and determine the vision for what you are doing because the vision will be what drives you when the going gets tough. Or maybe there is a shift in your vision and you were not keen to realize it. Just find your bearing by going back and analyzing the situation and coming up with an adjustment or adjustments.

Vision acts like a guide. Purpose or the reason for doing something is like an anchor. Mission or calling or assignment is how you do the purpose; these are seasonal. They could entirely change or just shift. Mission is how the day to day, month to month looks like. Vision is how when the day to day is achieved; how it will all look like. Purpose is why you do all these. Vision kind of guides you on how what you will have done should look like. Vision keeps you on course.


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