From ashes she will rise

From ashes she will rise

Women who have experienced trauma have the capacity to rise to the position of greatest influence in the world; they are frequently called “damaged.” But the most hazardous advantage of all is that they are resilient. They never will, and they never have been able to bring a woman down. Like Lazarus, this woman will always rise from the grave and tell another story—even if it means crawling back to life.


She gets dragged into the underworld, where she gives birth to fiery brightness from winter’s gloom and, upon emerging from the cold, brings forth spring and rebirth. She accepts her shadows and skillfully incorporates them into the fabric of her independence, freedom, and inventiveness.

She finds many reasons to quit up and never trust anyone, including herself, but instead she develops self-belief and manifests the dreams her soul was meant to fulfill. She still prevails and thrives in spite of the challenges she has encountered.


The “damaged” woman might manifest in great ways, not only because of her past experiences. She is driven to succeed because she will always be reminded of the things she cannot accomplish or the person she cannot be. The “damaged” woman plays the cards she’s been dealt quite well, but she doesn’t sign up for the struggles she will face along the way.

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  1. Carson Anekeya

    The portrayal of these women as not just survivors but as individuals capable of rising to the pinnacle of influence is a powerful testament to the indomitable spirit within.

  2. Shukrani Maina

    Strong people were once weak

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