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Let the Hope within Arise to Drown the Fear.

Let the Hope within Arise to Drown the Fear.

Courage is to let the hope within arise enough to drown the fear.

Whatever we feed grows. When we feed disappointment, it grows, when we feed doubt, it grows. When we feed fear, it grows. Likewise, when we feed hope, it grows, be it love when it is fed it grows. Whatever a person feeds grows. A baby when fed and taken care of, grows. A plant when fed it grows bigger, it matures. Whatever is fed grows-It is a principle.

Many times, as human beings, we want to grow in an area yet we subconsciously feed an area that we don’t want to grow in. You can’t feed on fear and expect to grow in courage. You have to feed your courage for it to grow. You have to first affirm yourself then one by one tackle the things that scare you. As you tackle them one by one not all of them together, you start to build courage gradually. Don’t try and tackle difficult or challenging things altogether the likelihood of being overwhelmed is high. Try and do one activity at a time, one task at a time, one assignment at a time, one day at a time. Yes, draw out a plan, but don’t do everything all at once.

Unshakeable courage is built over time, you want to build courage that can withstand adversity. Just like a baby is fed and then gradually grows, matters of character like courage are built in the same way. Therefore, if you want to grow in courage, you need to feed courage and as you gradually tackle the things that grow your courage, you become more and more courageous.


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