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Courage is to See Favour and Grace and to Run Towards it.

Courage is to See Favour and Grace and to Run Towards it.

Just because you are not used to something looking a certain way, don’t run from it. “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” (Anonymous). Many people have let good opportunities go just because they didn’t come with the packaging they expected. In fact, in many instances, they didn’t recognize it as an opportunity until sometime passed.

Good things don’t always come in the best of packages. Sometimes, they come in the most basic form but if you don’t realize or recognize them as good then you will miss out.

Be intuitive enough to notice when favour and grace have fallen by your way side. When favour and grace have paid you a visit. Train yourself to see opportunities. Be perceiving enough to not pass over opportunities.

Unfortunately, many have missed chances, opportunities because of judging a book by its cover. Change your perspective. See the value in people, in places, in spaces so that you don’t keep missing it. Increase your discernment. Keep your antennas up.

How do you increase your discernment? By listening to your inner self; by meditating, reflecting, reading, expanding your knowledge, etc. By sitting in stillness, a little more in order to hear what others won’t, to see what others won’t. To see people, to see what others won’t create time to see.

And it takes courage to sit in stillness and to not be afraid of your own thoughts. To not reach for a distraction. The courage to sit in stillness when everyone is moving, will give you an advantage. You will notice so many things that most people bypass.


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