Seek self reliance and honour will follow

Seek self reliance and honour will follow

A person’s name and honor are fundamental to who they are, and when they are threatened, their very existence is called into question. Reacting kindly is vital, even if that means appearing delicate or attractive. The most significant thing is honor, and the most agonizing thing is dishonor. To defend oneself against unjust treatment, honor necessitates independence. Many people fall short of achieving self-reliance because they prioritize romance and excitement over self-reliance. This causes individuals to place themselves in the hands of another, rendering them defenseless in the event that the other person denigrates them.

To live a dignified life, you must realize that honor is your power and recognition in the world. People will feed you and at the same time, humiliating you. Never put yourself at those kind of people’s mercy. When they start acting as though you are their slave, realize that you are fighting for your life and take action to correct the situation. Even if it could take some time, it will all be worthwhile when you realize that you are battling for your life.


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  1. Carson Anekeya

    Certainly, the concept of honor and self-reliance intertwines in a complex web within our lives. The pursuit of one often affects the other. Striking a balance between vulnerability and self-reliance remains crucial. Thanks for sharing.

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