Whenever you hear a successful person talk about discipline, it sounds like a distant concept that is almost impossible to grasp. It also sounds like that because you have tried to implement it into your life and you failed countless times. Don’t worry because discipline is not like luck, in that once you miss it it is gone forever, no, whenever you feel like you need discipline you can always get it.

I, myself have failed countless times in my attempts to change my life, I am still in the process of doing so because life itself is a journey and not a destination and it is in this process that i have discovered a discipline method that works for me, and I’m positive it will work for you as well.

Now, almost every single person wishes they were ahead of where they are at life, and for anyone to get ahead, they must tweak their daily habits in order for them to get different outcomes. You simply cannot change your life by doing the same things that you have always been doing. As Albert Einstein once said, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

After you have changed your habits it does not stop there, you have to be consistent. Practicing these new habits day in day out and that is what is referred to as discipline. Discipline is what changes your life.

Becoming disciplined is quite easy once you use this tip I am about to show you but keep this in mind- you will fail sometimes, the most important thing is to get up and keep going, the worst thing you can do to yourself is dwelling in failure and thinking that it is impossible; winners are simply losers who don’t quit.

What is the method like? I like to call it the snowball method, it is whereby you start including small changes in your daily routine. Small changes that are just a no brainer, like drinking a liter of water daily or waking up thirty minutes earlier. Over time you get used to these changes and they become your habits, it is then that you add another challenge and once that too becomes a norm, you add another one, and another one thereafter. In a few months, you’ll have already become used to your new habits and you will find yourself seeking even bigger challenges and by this time your discipline is so strong that it might take some time to break. But always remember that is still breakable, if you start getting too comfortable, you will find yourself back in square one, but still, the most important thing is to get back up and give it another try.

The reason most people fail is because they bite off more than they can chew, they feel the need to be too hard on themselves. When it dawns on them that they have been slacking too much they feel the need to go extra hard because they want to see results in a short while, that is not how it works. It is like going into the gym for the first time and heading straight to the heaviest weights. If it is body weight you are trying to lose, keep in mind that it took time to gain that weight and it is definitely going to take time to lose it, well unless you have the money to get surgery, which is not healthy anyway.

What comes easy won’t last, and, what lasts won’t come easy.

Lastly make peace with the fact that it is going to take time. My advice is you don’t pay attention to the time it takes, you just keep your eyes on the price and one day you shall look back and feel proud.

Life is a journey, even the people who seem like they have it all figured out, are always seeking new challenges. Even after you achieve whatever it is you are seeking don’t get comfortable. The comfort zone also works like discipline, it starts small and becomes bigger over time, the only difference is that discipline is bitter but rewarding and comfort is sweet but slowly kills you.

Be blessed.

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  1. Carson Anekeya

    This article resonates with a refreshing perspective on discipline, emphasizing that it shouldn’t feel like torture and is not a one-time achievement but rather a continuous process. The personal touch, with the acknowledgment of past failures and the ongoing journey of self-improvement, adds authenticity and relatability.

  2. Shukrani Maina

    Thank you for the information

  3. Beverlyne Jesire

    indeed it should not be a torture

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