The Gift of Authenticity

The Gift of Authenticity

Authenticity attracts the right people, relationships and partnerships.

Sometimes we don’t get what we desire because we hide ourselves. We hide our true selves. Society has subconsciously taught people not be themselves, and what seems to be appreciated is a sort of clone of someone else. It is like people have sat somewhere and decided that this is the way everything should be done; nothing more, nothing less. And in the process, we have killed genuine things and embraced either fake or just one way of thinking. You have to break out of that system. The system that tries to muzzle people. You have to remain true to who you are, because authenticity never dies.

We seem to be just copying and pasting things and no one or rather very few people are questioning some of these things. Nothing wrong with borrowing a bit of knowledge, anyway no one knows everything. We are all learning. Nothing wrong with building onto something that was done before. “…there is nothing new under the sun.” (Ecclesiastes 1:9). However, it can’t be a matter of copying and pasting.

Lack of authenticity kills originality and then things start to look similar, then it becomes uninteresting. When authenticity is thrown out the door, creativity becomes a rare affair. And creativity makes life beautiful, it keeps life interesting. Monotony kills the very essence of life which a lot of it is in its unpredictability. Of course, there are parts of life that maybe monotonous but not all of it. Life is seasonal; it doesn’t stay the same and especially not for too long.

The problem with society is that we try and emulate other people that we even become like a copy of them. Yet even with the most identical twins, there are usually differences in personality, in the way they each do things and even physically to some extent. Society may try to clone us into what they think we should be. But you have to stand up for yourself, sometimes not necessarily with words. Use words, if need be, otherwise let your actions speak louder. You avoid being forced into an image that doesn’t reflect your true image, when you individuate. When you know yourself, study yourself, master your talents, skills, gifts etc. and then present who you are unapologetically to the world. Room will be created for you in the world if you know your value and how to present it. And this, you do yourself; no one will do it for you.

No human is replaceable because we all have different ways of doing things. We all come with inbuilt gifts, talents, capabilities etc. Positions are replaceable yes, but who you are cannot be replaced unless you allow it. The free will dynamic is a very tricky one. People have reduced their value-their God given value to positions and titles, and that is why it then becomes easy to be ‘replaced.’ They have traded their birthright-what they were born with, what they were born to do and be.

The reason sometimes we fear to lose some material things in life, is because that is where we have placed our value. Yet when you think about it, even if you were stripped of everything you have, you will still have you. So long as you are alive you can always get up. It may be harder to start again, but once you deal with that mentally, you start to see opportunities around you. Opportunities you wouldn’t have seen if you still had the mentality of being afraid to start again.

Therefore, stand true to who you are; who you were created to be. Don’t be phony, people won’t buy it for that long. People are not as unaware as you think, sometimes they suspect then when it all crumbles down, they finally confirm their suspicions. The authentic way may not always be easy but it lasts.  Authenticity attracts the right people, relationships and partnerships.


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  1. Carson Anekeya

    In a world where societal norms often pressure us to conform and fit into predefined molds, it’s refreshing to be reminded of the value of staying true to ourselves. Authenticity not only allows us to embrace our unique identities but also attracts genuine connections with others who appreciate us for who we truly are.

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