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The Solace Series-You are not Alone

The Solace Series-You are not Alone

Fear and discouragement tend to show up whenever you feel alone, but always know that you are not alone.

Things look unachievable when we feel like we are condemned to do it alone. Yet as John Donne put it, ‘‘No man is an island; no man lives alone.’’ Life is not meant to be done alone and not just within the context of a romantic relationship because not everyone desires that. There are different relationships: friendships, family setting i.e. brother and sister etc. Whichever the setting, we all need someone to hold us up, the same way we’ll be there to hold another up.

Whenever you feel fear and discouragement creeping up, join a community of like-minded people. It could be a traveling group, a sports group, a book club, a singing group, a church, a religious group etc. Find out things that interest you i.e., hobbies then find a group of people who do those hobbies at least regularly and join.

It is in conversations that you realize, that you are not the only one going through some of the things that you are going through. Chances are that there is someone who may have gone through something similar, and they came out of it. You will be encouraged; you will even find ways of tackling some of those challenges.

You are not alone and you definitely will pull through if you stay the course. The beauty about life is that nothing stays the same and at some point, things will change and you probably won’t notice immediately. You will suddenly come to the realization that things changed as you went about living.


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