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Visualize and do.

Visualize and do.

Courage is not just to see but it is also to work. Faith without works is dead: James 2:17.

Vision is good; not only is it good, it is necessary. “Without a vision people perish.” (Biblical Proverb). And work is required in order to see the vision manifesting. Of course, the first response after seeing a vision is believing, then writing it down so that it is clear. Then probably the next one is to work it.

It takes as much or even more courage to work towards the vision or what you see. Although it does take courage to believe in a vision, it may even be easier to believe than to work it. It takes faith and courage to believe in a vision however, if you don’t work it, it could easily die.

Take for example, you currently don’t have a car. But you have a vision to own a car, in fact, you see yourself driving a car. Well, that’s good. There are a couple of steps to take to achieve this. You’ll probably check the vehicle you would want to buy and can afford to buy. And because a vehicle is a big investment, you will need to give yourself time, time to save. You’ll probably then calculate the cost of the desired vehicle, and the time it will take you to save. Then check where you can invest in order to boost your savings. Basically, create a plan.

It takes courage to not just see a vision but to work towards the vision. To get a vision, you need to be reflecting, journaling etc, and this is work. Equally, it is also work to not only create a plan towards the vision but also work on the plan.

For most people the work required to not only get a vision but work it, seems too much. It looks like a person is doing too much when they do this. Yes, dreaming is free, but the work it takes to achieve those dreams is not free. It takes courage and it takes intentional effort.


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  1. Shukrani Maina

    Isn’t the same as manifestation?

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