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The Solace Series-Reject Crippling Fear.

The Solace Series-Reject Crippling Fear.

Change your mind to reject fear and embrace courage towards the good things you desire in life.

Not all fear is bad in life. There is necessary fear; the kind that alerts you when there is danger. The one that stops you from crossing the road when there is a speeding vehicle coming your way. The kind that warns you of a danger ahead. The kind that causes you to run away from a dangerous animal that is likely to harm you. That is necessary fear, in fact it is crucial to have it in order to be forewarned in cases of danger.

However, there is a kind of fear that cripples you; now that is the kind to reject. The one that stops you from trying new things that you know will make you a better person; a valuable human in society. The kind that stops you from pursuing your dreams, the one that keeps you in a constant state of being afraid that something bad will happen. Now that’s the kind of fear you should reject it.

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