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Magnify the Voice that Likes You-Remedy to Self Loathe.

Magnify the Voice that Likes You-Remedy to Self Loathe.

Courage is magnifying the voice that says, Yes You Can and minimizing the one that says, No You Can’t.

Thoughts run through our minds in thousands. Some negative, some positive, and some outrageous. They are part of life; however, you have the power to not dwell on a thought that you don’t want to dwell on. Or a thought that you know you shouldn’t dwell on.

Our minds are like fields and whatever is allowed to be planted there, grows. For a long time, we as humans have thought that the thoughts that run through our mind define us. No, they don’t unless you allow them to. You have the power to say, ‘no, I won’t think about that!’ Then go ahead and replace the unwanted thought with a thought that builds you.

Many people, have heard negative things said about them and they have taken up doubt as a part of their identity. Which in reality isn’t and shouldn’t, again unless you allow it. Many people haven’t been affirmed in their lives, and this has caused self-doubt to grow in their minds. And to be able to reverse self-doubt you have to self-believe; you have to believe in yourself. You have to affirm yourself. To not wait for somebody to affirm you because the likelihood of it not happening could be high. And unfortunately, life can hard but chose your battles wisely. Don’t join others in putting yourself down. Affirm yourself and if or when someone affirms you, acknowledge it and let it be a confirmation or an addition to your own affirmations.

The International Pop/Rock Singer Pink in her song Perfect puts it this way: change the voices in your head, make them like you instead. Indeed, courage is magnifying the voice that says Yes You Can and minimizing the one that says No You Can’t.


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