The Soul

The Soul

Let’s talk about the soul. The soul is the part of a human being made up of the emotions, the mind and will. It is quite interesting because it influences both the human body and spirit. Yes, both the human body and spirit deposit information into the soul, which the soul digests and pours it back to each. For example, when you are tired, you maybe prone to becoming irritable and get angry quickly. Anger is an emotion and emotions are a function of the soul. Depending on whether you are self-aware and have a bit of self-mastery or not, you may react in either a favourable or a non-favourable way…

Don’t you see I’m tired!!! or

Right now, I am not able to do what you are asking me to do because I am tired and I need to rest.

The above are both responses and they will elicit different reactions.

You may have lost hope and hope tends to exist beyond the human body, the physical body. Hope is caught in the human spirit. When you are low in hope your spirit sends information to the soul that you are hopeless. The soul will go to its words bank which is the faculty of the soul known as the mind. The soul asks itself what do we do when have lost hope? If the words bank aka. the mind is void of it, it says to the spirit I don’t know, but that’s sad so let’s be sad. You therefore walk around sad and wonder why the sadness won’t go away. There is nothing else to feed the spirit. However, when the soul finds life giving words like, sorrows don’t last always, joy comes in the morning. Or life is a culmination of seasons sometimes its up and sometimes it’s down. When the soul sends back this message to the spirit, then the spirit deduces if life is a culmination of seasons and that sometimes its up and other times it’s down, this must be one of those down seasons and it will be over some time. Hope rises within your spirit again. The soul is the catalyst to both the spirit and the body.

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