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Feed your Spirit, in the Day of Adversary Let the Power Within Arise.

Feed your Spirit, in the Day of Adversary Let the Power Within Arise.

No one is ever constantly strong sometimes the battles of life can wear us down. In those moments, seasons and times what we deposited in our minds, in our spirit is what literally holds us together.

The problem is that for most people what is then supposed to help them during the tough times they didn’t invest in. Therefore, the tough times could easily take them out because they are literally empty. ‘There is nothing to fight for,’ they say to themselves. Which may partially be true or rather their reality at that time.

However, when a person is completely down, it is so crucial in those times to build oneself up. Life is a cycle. Sometimes it is up; the good times, then it just plateaus; the mundane routines. Then things start to be shaken up, and then another season what was set on a shaky foundation is completely shaken and probably falls. Just like in nature: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. 

When it is a season of plenty and you have a lot of energy it is important to utilize that season to the fullest. Because you can be sure that there is coming a season, when you literally will have to drag yourself to do anything. It is important to recognize the season that you are in, so that in whichever season, you don’t get overwhelmed or discouraged.

A story is told of a certain king who had a dream. The dream was interpreted to him by someone who had been empowered by God to interpret dreams. The interpretation of the dream was that there would be seven years of plenty and seven more years of drought. Therefore, the country was to use only what was needed during the time of plenty and store the rest for the coming years of drought. Which they did.

What can we learn from this story, that seasons are inevitable in life. When you have a higher mental fortitude, the energy, the resources; financial and more, and the ability to do something, do it and do it well. A season may come when some or even all of these are low and you have to adjust and work with what you have. Just bear in mind that it is a season and it will soon change.

Life sort of invites us to dance to its rhythms. This may be in terms of adjusting appropriately in order to live it rightfully and more fully or abundantly. You have to learn life’s rhythm and dance to it. And that’s how to conquer.


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