work in progress

Work in Progress

Work in Progress

You are a work in progress, don’t be too hard on yourself, just keep getting better.

The goal in life, is not necessarily to be perfect. Anyway no one is. It is to become better and in becoming better you are growing. To the point that you can handle other things, responsibilities that you were not able to before. For you to become better, you have to know yourself. To become self-aware. Self-awareness empowers you to know yourself: your likes, dislikes, your strengths, your weaknesses, your opportunities, where you thrive and where you don’t. Once you know a bit of yourself, you now embark on a journey of self-mastery-to master what you are good at. And even as you master, you also work on what you need to work on, in order to become a better version of yourself. Self-awareness and mastery are so key in life. Without these, you will likely stagnate.

If you feel that you have stagnated, then pull back; introspect, meditate, check your perspective. Because in this situation of stagnation, if you keep moving, it will be directionless motion. Leading nowhere. Just moving in cycles. Even the ability to recognize when you need to stop; in order to reflect, or to rest means you are growing; you are progressing. You want to be better. And that is highly commendable.


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  1. Carson Anekeya

    Your words of encouragement and wisdom offer a gentle reminder that personal growth is a journey, not a destination, and that it’s okay to be a work in progress. By urging individuals not to be too hard on themselves, you advocate for self-compassion and resilience in the face of challenges.

  2. Shukrani Maina

    This is a insightful article

  3. Amy Ochola

    i think we should just be ourselves and figure out what we love to fully enjoy life as an experience. good read.

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