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The book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, drips with knowledge. Let’s look closely at one lesson the book tries to teach us.

What does it mean to give a dog a good name? It simply means giving someone a good reputation to live up to. Give them a fine reputation to live up to and they will make prodigious efforts rather than see you disillusioned. That is how Dale Carnegie puts it. People really tend to like and respect you if you show that you recognize them for them being good at something. Even if you don’t know what they are good at, showing that you regard them highly makes them want to please you because they would not want to let you down. Politicians know and use this trick all the time.

The thing is it doesn’t have to be about other people all the time, you can use this trick on yourself too. One of the wisest people I know on Youtube by the name of Iman Gadzhi once said “You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you think you deserve.” take a moment to think about this piece of wisdom. Politicians are well-known liars and unfit leaders yet they are still loved and voted for, why? because they don’t think badly about themselves, they see themselves as a gift to the people. The way lions, tigers, and eagles carry themselves in the wild is the reason why they are considered majestic creatures, they think of themselves highly and therefore we think so too. Hyenas and crows are not as admired because of their behavior. This is the reason why confidence is an important trait to develop.

I think therefore I am.

What you think about yourself is the name you give to the dog which is yourself. People like Andrew Tate, Floyd Mayweather, Muhammad Ali, and Jay Z are known to be very boastful and proud and that really contributes to their success. They have nothing but praise for themselves. This type of talk gets into their mind and into the minds of their fans. Muhammad Ali is referred to as the greatest because he named himself so. He gave himself that reputation to live up to. Even though some boxers are arguably better in the sport than him, he is still the greatest because that is what he thought of himself. Andrew Tate refers to himself as Top G and no one else can ever claim to be the Top G. Who is The best ever? Mayweather is.

Some people would hate you for this and those are the people who don’t think highly of themselves. If a person puts himself on higher ground, they would never feel threatened by your thinking the same of yourself. Most people today just want to be normal and also want you to be normal too, but normal never stood out. Your opinions of yourself matter more than any other person’s. A ship only sinks because of the water that gets inside of it, not because of the water around it. Bars.

Being proud of yourself and being humble at the same time is very possible. Think of yourself as God’s (or any higher power you believe in) servant to the people. Thinking of yourself as an appointed high authority and at the same time serving people who are not as successful as you are. Saying you are humble is not as powerful as showing you are humble.

You don’t have to come up with a cocky-sounding name. Start with setting small goals for yourself and achieve them, make the goals bigger and bigger and smash them too, that is how you give yourself a reputation to live up to because you wouldn’t want to regress.

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