The massive piece of steel and concrete put together to hold a building


Protection from storms and wind


Where we hide


What we put to protect ourselves

To protect our souls

From hurt, from pain, from anguish



It could take days, weeks, months, and even years to properly demolish


Thought out with precision

Calculated by architecture

Built through engineering


We all have walls

And in case you haven’t noticed,

I am not talking of the walls of your house

Neither about the great wall of China

Or the once famous quote, “we are going to build a wall”

Nope, not that wall either.

I am talking the walls of your soul

In Emeli and Labrinth’s words: You’ve built your wall so high that no one could climb it.

Have you built around your soul

Walls? Walls of WHAT you have or WHO you are?

Who you are is your essence

That won’t stop no matter where you are

Or what you have

Who you are is your core

Your work ethic

No matter the job

Who you are

Is your character,

Who you are, is not your job

It is the who you bring to the job

Who you are is not what they say

It is who you know you are despite

What they say

So, build strong walls,

Walls that will withstand whatever

And stand no matter where you are

Or what you do


And it is built in who you are,

Your core who you know you are

And not who you think you are

Know is about intimacy

Have you listened to the rhythms

Of your heart? What moves you

Are you conscious, are you attentive to what puzzles your mind?

Have you fought for you?

Have you exercised your will?

Your will to live?

That, is who you are.

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  1. Shukrani Maina

    I applaud for the beautiful poem

  2. Carson Anekeya

    Your poignant reflection on the walls we build around our souls is deeply moving. Your words remind us to introspect and cherish our core essence, beyond external circumstances or possessions. Thank you for the profound reminder to nurture our inner selves and cultivate resilience from within.

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