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The Solace Series

The Solace Series

~Solace is found in knowing that some of our lowest moments can truly lead us to discovering our true selves~

As humans we fear failure because somehow our surroundings have taught us and sometimes told us that going through some sort of failure equates to being a failure. That somehow failing at something identifies one as a failure. May be this is why as people we run from failure like it is a plague and we feel like if we don’t run, we will be labelled as a failure. Yet when we introspect, we can point out times when we failed and what those situations taught us.

Take for example you saw a fruit on a tree. Maybe a mango. You estimated that even though the mango is a bit further from you, you can jump and probably reach it. So, you jump. After a few tries, you realize that you can’t manage to reach the mango. You keep missing it.

Therefore, you decide to look for a suitable stick to assist you in picking the mango from the tree. You hit at the branch with the mango and then it falls but not on its own, more mangos fall with it.

Two of your neighbours pass by as you are picking the mangoes. They ask if they can have some which you graciously give them a few. You then proceed to collect the rest and store them in your house. You wonder what to do with all these mangoes? You then get an idea to make a fruit salad and then blend the rest of which you do.

In the scenario above, you had gone to pick one mango. You failed on several attempts to pick the mango because you under estimated the height of the branch that the mango was attached to. You learnt that there was a better way to do it. Which you employed and then ended up getting more mangoes. You even got the opportunity to give to others and you were able to find out more ways to intake the mangoes. With that, were the several failed attempts to pick the mango a failure or an opportunity?


You got an opportunity to learn, grow and expand your thinking. You learnt that there can be several ways to approach matters.

Sometimes our perspectives of failure are a bit misconstrued, of course it hurts to fail, this is not an attempt to negate that. But it is also an opportunity to recalibrate, learn, and grow towards better things.

We can rest in the fact that things won’t always stay the same. That even in our failures and through the mistakes we make, we can always turn them around in our favour. To learn and grow to become better people; better versions of ourselves.

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