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It Doesn’t Define you.

It Doesn’t Define you.

Ø  Being snatched from destruction, pulled from the mirest of clays doesn’t mean that this is what defines us it means that this journey has made us stronger and we can stand secure in the strength that keeps us up.

Please don’t let failures define you, see them as lessons. Don’t let your low moments, your weak moments define you, you just made a mistake and you can definitely make a mend. Unless it is a bad habit or a destructive habit then you should get some help. But if it is the normal mishaps of life, take heart. You can always do better.

Just don’t let what you’ve been through define you, because it doesn’t. Unless you let it. The way you know that those moments don’t define you is, that when another thing much bigger or significant than what happened before occurs, now people know you by that current thing. The nature of life is that people move on quicker than you think, so if you keep wallowing in your past mistakes, you may find that you are the only one there.

Unless you remind someone of something that happened, it may not be at the centre of their mind. That is until you bring it up, or you keep rewinding the tape of what happened to you. People worry mostly about their own lives; they may think of you especially if you’re close for a moment then revert back to their own issues. Or unless they see you that’s when they remember but they may not dwell there. Unless it is a person who has a problem with gossip but even though, the percent your issue takes in their mind is very minute, until another gossip comes up.

Take heart and always be on a journey to become a better person. Avoid repeating mistakes as much as it depends on you.


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