Are you in your early 20’s? Relax

Are you in your early 20’s? Relax

It’s a common mistake for many young people in the church to heed the advise to put off sex until after marriage alone. The date of a wedding is frequently praised, and many ladies feel compelled to rush into marriage as early as 20 or 21. What they are not advised is that mental development is still somewhat immature in the early 20s. One takes a huge risk when selecting a mate to marry in their early 20s because they won’t divorce for ten years and their lives will have changed drastically by then.

A wedding is a ceremonial; it cannot erase poor judgment or judgments made at the wrong moment. Selecting a mate before reaching mental maturity is disastrous, and there is little possibility of making the proper choice. Eroticism can also pressure someone to get married soon, which can result in blunders and temptations.


One can get sucked into a hastily arranged marriage if they are principled yet foolish. Understanding one’s life and its seasons can assist one avoid falling into a trap, therefore commitment to chastity might not be enough. Understanding one’s life and its seasons is crucial to survival.

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