The Importance of a Plan

The Importance of a Plan

‘‘Without a vision people perish’’ Biblical Proverb. To some, spontaneity connotes fun and planning means boredom. Life is neither exclusively about spontaneity otherwise the world would be chaotic nor is it just about strict planning otherwise the fun would be choked out of life. There is a place for each. Hence, there is danger in not having a plan. Some of the dangers of not having a plan include but are not limited to:

1.   Going in different directions.

·         If you don’t have a set direction in which you are gong in life, you will be presented with a myriad of directions to take. This brings about confusion which leads to stress. Think about it this way, whenever you ask someone for an opinion, they almost always give it. Opinions are so many and when you are directionless you will be presented with many opinions on which way to take, some sensible others not so sensible. Therefore, it is important to have a plan because it will wade off unsolicited opinions which often always lead to confusion which leads to stress and indecisiveness.

2.   Having no stand; basically, just going with the wind.

·         Lack of a plan makes one susceptible to being pulled in so many directions which could encourage controlling behaviour. A person without a stand is easily controllable.

3.   Lack of focus

·         The absence of a plan can easily cause a person to have a lot of unfinished projects because they lack focus. A plan gives you focus which enables you to complete activities. A plan increases or enables creativity.

4.   Living a non-prioritized life.

·         A plan allows you to know your priorities but lack of it makes you prioritize the things you shouldn’t be prioritizing. Not planning could give the assumption that you are available for anything and everything.

5.   Constant Stress

·         Lack of a plan makes you susceptible to stress because you are always caught off-guard because you don’t plan for anything.

What a good plan does for you

1.    Gives you a sense of direction.

2.    Keeps you focused.

3.    Helps you prioritize things in your life.

4.    Eliminates unnecessary stress.

5.    Enables you to strengthen your own voice because you are not easily pushed around.

6.    Keeps you busy. A good plan helps you be where you are supposed to be. A story is told of an ancient king who was supposed to be in battle but decided to stay back and let his soldiers fight the battles without him, while at his palace, he saw a woman bathing from his rooftop and sent for her…he ended up having sexual relations with her. And because of his powers as king the woman was defenceless. It turned out the woman was someone’s wife and this someone was in his army. The king panicked and devised a plan to have the woman’s husband killed in battle by directing that he be put at the forefront of the battle. This one thing led to a spiral of terrible events for him. The woman was pregnant then the baby died, then there was a lot of strife in his family especially with his older children. Just chaotic. All because of being where he shouldn’t have been. He should have been in battle but he decided to stay back.

A good plan helps one avoid a lot of chaos in their life therefore, it is important to invest in a good plan.


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