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The Solace Series-The Strength in You.

The Solace Series-The Strength in You.

Many times, mistakes we’ve made, weaknesses that we have can make us feel like that’s all we are made of. Until we go through something and conquer it then we find out that there was strength left in us. And when another hurdle emerges, we will be able to conquer it because strength has been deposited in us to help us in time of need.

That we can rest in the fact that we are not alone no matter what we go through. Help is available when we ask for it. And sometimes it comes in different forms, shapes and sizes and it probably won’t be written ‘help’.

You have strength in you and different situations, circumstances, occurrences come to unleash this strength differently. Sometimes it looks like a skill that you had to learn due to some difficulty. All in all, you gained something no matter how minute. So long as it is there it could grow. For instance, if you entertain the thought of forgiving a person who wronged you terribly. It is a seed and it will grow and you will be able to eventually forgive the person in order to set yourself free from that bondage. Also, to set clear boundaries that prevent that kind of wrong doing in the future.

Is there a time when you were in a situation that you thought you wouldn’t be able to get out of? What did you learn from it? what kind of strength did you garner from it?





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