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You might win or lose a fight,

either way, you’ve lost.

the only way to emerge victorious

is to avoid it at all costs.

they shall call you weak,

and say hurtful words.

but deep down you know the rewards,

will not be worth the risk.

a story goes,

that a long time ago,

there lived a rich man,

possessions like ocean sand,

with plenty of daughters but one son,

he was a man full of pride,

never let an opportunity slide.

his son, however,

was a different breed,

neither strong nor clever.

Both of them always disagreed,

because they had different needs,

from each other, and none was ready,

to feed the other’s greed.

the father wanted his son to be a doctor,

the son wanted his father to support his career,

which was to be a band musician.

The father suggested that he become an engineer

but nope, he second choice was to be an actor.

the father being a proud.

and his son inheriting that pride,

it was like two bulls in an enclosure.

The dad was never going to take no for an answer,

the son had to. His ego bruised,

agreed to go to medical school,

half-heartedly in order to keep the peace at home.

The years went by fast,

and the course was completed.

His dad was happy at last,

but the boy’s enthusiasm was depleted.

He became the doctor,

who just identified as a doctor.

The dad soon noticed his mistake,

he had won a little battle against his son,

but had lost immeasurable things,

his son never talked to him again,

the boy ditched everything and soon started to sing,

he had lost before and it was his time to gain.

the proud man won a small battle.

but the loss was so much bigger,

dialogue will earn you friends,

egos will earn you foes.

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  1. Carson Anekeya

    The narrative unfolds with a sense of inevitability, showcasing the clash of two strong-willed individuals, both full of pride. The poetic storytelling of the son’s journey from reluctantly agreeing to follow his father’s wishes to eventually finding his true passion in singing is a powerful metaphor for the cost of prideful victories.

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