Live happily ever after? we don’t do that here. Ok, so you think you shall retire happily after you made 50 million? or your marriage to your soulmate will be a bed of roses? Wow, you must have watched a lot of Disney movies, time to snap back to reality.

When you lack something, you think that all your problems will be gone once you find that specific something. For most people that something is millions of money (me included), for some, it is a few more inches of height, for some, it is a partner and for some, it can be as simple as an electronic gadget. This is true to some extent, a few million shall ease your life, a few more inches could really boost your confidence and so on but let’s say you win the lottery or get limb lengthening surgery, are you happy now that you have finally got what you have always wanted?

In the song Drop the World by Eminem and Lil Wayne, Wayne raps,

“I work and forever try, but I’m cursed, so never mind

and it’s worse, but better times seem further and beyond,

the top gets higher the more that I climb.”

No one else could say it better. That is the way we live right there. Better times always seem further and beyond and the top gets higher the more that you climb. Millionaires and billionaires are all over the internet telling us, aspiring millionaires, how money is not the final destination and that is absolutely true. We like to think that once we make the big bucks, we shall be chilling in the beach and the wife will be happy because she can get all the LV bags. Life is still the same bi*ch it was previously. Even once you get it, you have to keep on working to maintain it and grow it or you’ll lose it, whatever it is.

Just like in video games, the more progress you make and skillful you become, the tougher the missions get. When it comes to fitness, you have to keep on working out even if you have your dream body, failure to do so will result in you losing it.

In poverty, life is tough and money would soften it. In riches, the toughness is even tougher because it requires more than money to go away. The same applies to other aspects of life.

This however should not be a discouragement because life was meant to be hard anyway.

As we proceed to become what we have always dreamt of becoming, and getting whatever, we have always desired, let’s keep in mind that the levels shall keep getting harder as we get stronger. Always remembering this will help you keep up and if you keep up you can’t fall off. It is a marathon, not a sprint.

Stay Blessed.

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  1. Nelly Njeri

    I immersed myself in your article and boy, that was a great one! An interesting read that forces us to reconsider our definition of happiness.

    1. Maina Joseph

      Thanks Nelly, at least keep that in mind as you progress towards success

  2. Carson Anekeya

    #RealityCheckWithJoseph: Navigating Life’s Illusions and the Pursuit of Happiness. This profound exploration challenges the notion of a happily-ever-after, debunking the illusions tied to wealth, appearance, or relationships. In a world where the pursuit of something more is a constant, Joseph reminds us that even achieving our dreams doesn’t guarantee perpetual satisfaction. The candid reflection on the complexities of life after attaining desires, whether it’s millions, inches, or a partner, serves as a wake-up call. Life’s challenges persist, and the climb to the top only intensifies. Joseph’s wisdom, echoed through the experiences of various individuals, emphasizes that the journey is a continuous marathon, demanding resilience and an unwavering commitment to growth. As we aspire and achieve, let’s carry the awareness that life’s challenges evolve with us, and it’s the marathon, not the sprint, that defines our path.
    Thank you Joseph, #IllusionsUnveiled

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