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The Solace Series-The Illusion of Easy Life.

The Solace Series-The Illusion of Easy Life.

Soft life has given people the impression that life is all easy. Yet just like a mirage when you come closer you realize that it was all a lie; an illusion. Some people have used social media to flaunt the flamboyant lifestyles that they are living yet no one asks, what their source of wealth is? What did they do to get whatever they are parading around and would you want to do that. Anyone who has been alive long enough understands that truly as William Shakespeare put it, not all that glitters is gold. That whatever has a wrong or shaky foundation usually will fall at some point in time. Anything false cannot stand that long, once the truth prevails it cannot.

It is better to gather wealth gradually because the essence of getting wealth gradually is that in the process, aspects of your character are being built. And they are being built in order for you to be able handle not just what you have but more, without letting it swallow you up.

It is that when you have little money for example, you are able to use it well and put some to good use i.e. gainful investments that when more comes in, you will just end up doing what you did with the little. Money, or whatever it is; you are able to use it as a resource not that it uses you.


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