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Cast off the Fear of trying New Things.

Cast off the Fear of trying New Things.

v  Courage is knowing that you are not alone, once you tread the uncharted waters there will always be a hand to hold you.

One of the reasons why people are often afraid to try new things, is that they are fearful that there will be no one to catch them on the other side. Or that there won’t be anything for them on the other side and then they will start to regret taking the risk.

The truth is that risks are probably risky and they are worth a try. The fear of the unknown can be so real yet it cannot be what controls us as people. Fearing the unknown is giving power to it, the best way to approach something new, a transition, a change is to do due diligence. Basically, preparing. Being prepared won’t throw you completely off balance. It could cause a shift however; it won’t fall you over completely. You could trip slightly then you get up because you are equipped. Equipped to face the challenges before you.

Preparation is key. It is not a call to live in constant worry, absolutely not. It is a call to ask yourself and deduce what will happen if things went down what will I do. Because it could happen. This is life and anything could happen; an accident could happen and someone is bedridden, a job could be lost, anything could happen. But if you are prepared it doesn’t completely throw you off balance. Granted we are human and we feel and it is important to acknowledge how we feel but not to stay there. Once you know for example, if I lose my job, I scale down you are able to do this and then it is easier to get back on your feet. But when you are caught off guard, you are likely to stay down longer reliving the past instead of dealing with the now.

It is important to be proactive and not reactive. To know that seasons change and they won’t stay the same. They are not set to stay the same. Change is bound to happen.

So, you are definitely not alone.


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