Do I… do I not? Expression vs. Suppression.

Do I… do I not? Expression vs. Suppression.

Let’s talk about expressing versus supressing when it comes to navigating life. When we talk about expressing, it doesn’t mean going to tell every other person or anyone who cares to listen your issues. It is about allowing yourself to process your feelings & emotions, thoughts etc. Blocking yourself from articulating what you feel; for instance, how certain things, places, people make you feel etc., can cause you to be in more devastating circumstances than you would like to admit.

Stress, unprocessed emotions can easily affect our neurological functions. An article by Harvard Health Publishing notes that stress management may reduce health problems linked to stress, which include cognitive problems and a higher risk for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Meaning supressing our emotions, which could lead to stress can cause one to have comprehension issues, memory issues etc.

Therefore, it is not just important, it’s crucial to express. Expressing what you feel, how you feel, what you think allows you to process, and processing gives you room to either reject a bad thought, address an issue or reinforce what needs to be reinforced. Supressing our thoughts, feelings etc, basically what’s happening in our soul causes rigidity. And rigidity doesn’t allow one to freely interact and it also suffocates. All this blocks one from living a full life. And who doesn’t want to live a full life?


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