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The English Dictionary defines jealousy as a feeling of anger or unhappiness because you wish you had what somebody else has. Jealousy is just a feeling, a normal natural feeling, nothing else. Jealousy is often viewed as a bad trait because some people are too emotionally weak to understand jealousy, hence they act on it in A negative way.

Emotionally weak people let their jealousy overpower them to the point they become angry, resentful, violent, or manipulative toward others. It is often said that don’t hate the player, hate the game. The game goes on inside your mind, so what do you do if you hate it? You change it!

You can’t change how other people live their lives and spend their money but you can change your mindset towards them. You can choose to view them as some rich, show-off fools or you can choose to view them as an example of what is attainable. Jealousy is an emotion that provides us with a hint of what we truly want. There is no way you can get jealous of someone with a yacht if you have never desired to have a yacht your whole life. Same with love, you know you like someone if you can’t bear seeing him or her flirt with someone else. Jealousy is like signals being sent to some parts of your brain; it is important to know how to interpret them.

To interpret your jealousy, you first need to know where it is coming from; is it that your friend bought a new car, is your partner giving attention to someone else, or you just feel like everyone else your age is way ahead of you in terms of everything? Once you figure out why you are jealous, it is time to evaluate your life. In what fields are you lacking? Finances? Start a side business, Fitness? There are gyms everywhere, Experiences? You are not a tree, go out and explore.

If you give life your all there is no way you can be jealous of anyone. If you focus on yourself-not being narcissistic-you won’t have time to admire others’ lives. Wasting your time while others are outside living their lives will make you jealous. Scrolling on Instagram all day while others are enjoying their lives will make you jealous too. It is a fact that some Instagram lives are faked but some are real too.

Even though jealousy is a natural feeling, it is better to understand and analyze it, and if you find yourself being jealous all the time, maybe you are too focused on other people’s lives that you forget that you too have a life. If that’s the case, stop wasting your time, figure out what you desire to be fulfilled, and get out there and chase it. It is that simple.

Don’t try to act like you are never jealous, accept it as a challenge. Enjoy the rest of your day.

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    Jealousy ruins so many good relationships

  2. Nancy Wambui

    Lol… definitely am not a tree

  3. Carson Anekeya

    The idea that jealousy can be a signal pointing towards our true desires is an intriguing concept. The article encourages readers to interpret their jealousy, understand its source, and then use it as motivation to evaluate and improve their own lives. The practical advice provided, such as starting a side business or exploring new experiences, adds a constructive layer to the narrative.

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