Life facts that are obviously known to any living human are about living to embrace life as well as our demise.


In our day-to-day lives, we happen to meet scenarios whereby people are mistakenly pronounced dead, only for them to find they were buried alive six feet under. Just imagine one day finding yourself in such a situation. What would you do, hmm?


 Well, that is what truly happened to a 30-year-old California woman who goes by the name Essie Dunbar. Her interesting story started in 1915, while she was living with her family and battling a disease called epilepsy. One day, she happened to succumb to her disease and collapse, leaving her family members confused and not knowing what to do or how to help her up since she was lying down and showing no signs of movement. They immediately called for an emergency at a nearby hospital, and the doctor’s quickly arrived at the scene of the incident.


 While the Doctor was examining her, Essie was lying still. The doctor, who was known as Dr. D.K. Briggs from Blackville Hospital, checked her breathing and pulse only to realize she was not responding to any of them, then concluded by pronouncing her dead.

 Essie Dunbar’s family began the preparation for their deceased member by informing every relative and friend about her death. One important person was Essie’s sister, who lived outside town. For her, there were no possibilities of reaching her on the same day to pay her final respects. So the family had to postpone the burial since it was well known in those days to bury a dead person quickly after they were confirmed dead.


On the day of burial, a few were in attendance, as were the family, and three well-known preachers from Blackville came to pray for the deceased before being buried. Essie’s dead body was laid out in a wooden box and was ready to be buried in the grave, which was six feet deep. The service was delayed a little while longer to give time for her sister’s arrival, but it was long enough that they decided to proceed with burying her. As soon as they were done, her sister arrived at the funeral and was grieving and in need of seeing her late sister for one last time. She requested that she be dug out so she could pay her final respect; the preachers thought about it for a while, then accepted her request and asked the helping men to bring her up for her viewing.


 Upon opening the coffin’s lid, everyone was in shock. The look on Essie’s smiling face while looking at them and her sister These sent the moaners into awe and fear as they were not expecting such a scenario. Every family member and friend took on heels and screamed on top of their voices except her sister, who remained calm and happy to see her sister is still alive.

The preachers were confused to the extent that one of them failed inside the grave but still got up and climbed out in horror. Many sustained injuries while in fear, thinking, Maybe Essie turned into a ghost in human form. 

Essie and her sister walked out of the graveyard and headed back to their home town, where everyone was standing in the distance, giving them a mixed reaction despite loving their once-buried friend. This went on for many years, with them in disbelief and shocked at Essie’s return from the dead. Philosophies kept on circulating into believing she was a dead walking human (zombie), which was believed to be a curse.

Essie Dunbar came to outlive even the doctor who pronounced her dead, only to pass on in the year 1962, on May 22, by origins from nature after living for 47 years.


Fact of the story’s publication: 


Between the 1950s and the 1980s, the story was reprinted in a large number of newspapers and periodicals. In the future, it was also used as a source for Jan Bondeson’s book`Buried Alive: The Terrifying History of Our Most Primal Fear.


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