Nairobi Chronicles:Chirywrites

Nairobi Chronicles:Chirywrites

10:40 pm the other day,I am going home.I sit in a matatu next to an elderly woman.Naskia mnawaita vintage baddies.Well I sit for a minute then I get a text and I decide to respond.She is just quite and am thinking to myself,such a beautiful way to exist.No screen ,no addiction to the internet,must be nice.A few minute passes and this woman removes her mulika mwizi.She presses a few things and pauses for a minute.She then looks at the phone and then puts it away.She opens the window,like the whole window.My antenna goes up and I keep my phone.She pretends to be trying to sleep.My neighbor sees the open window and keeps his phone.The vintage baddie keeps moving and looking through one eye. Tumeishi Nairobi and as long as the window is open, the phone stays far away.Ten minutes pass, the vehicle starts to move.Its getting cold but I want to see where this going so I don’t say a thing.She starts coughing and is still pretending to sleep.So I ask her to close the window. Mumeanza kufunza Hadi Shosho wizi..Ni nini Nairobi haitanionyesha aki 🙆🙆🙆Shawry for stealing I hope hakupata homa because dhambi isipomuua pneumonia will 🤦🤦🤦 tabu kapsaa




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    1. Shukrani Maina

      A new way of committing crime

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