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Britney Spears’ Battle

Britney Spears’ Battle

November 12, 2021, a celebrity celebrated her freedom coming out of oppression. Britney Spears stopped being controlled! On Friday, the Los Angeles judge terminated her conservatorship arrangements. As a result, the pop star regained control over her finances, health, and medical after 13 years.

Britney posted on Instagram, right after the termination of her case, “I’m celebrating my freedom and my B-day for the next two months! I mean, after 13 years… I think I’ve waited long ENOUGH! What an amazing weekend… I felt like I was on cloud 9.”

Britney Spears from Instagram

Britney Spears from Instagram

Why was Conservatorship Needed?

Many incidents raised her emotional state of mind and mental wellbeing. Again, the star had become the headlines of every news, but this time differently. Her pictures were posed with holding an umbrella and hitting the car with a shaved head.
In 2008, Jamie Spears, her father, was granted conservatorship of his daughter. She was assessed for a temporary psychiatric ruling and was admitted twice to a hospital. However, the court granted the permanent co-conservatorship to her father and another man, giving them the power over her health and financial decisions.
In short, her life was under tight control. What she was doing and whom she was meeting were managed for her.

What is Conservatorship?

The court grants conservatorship to a responsible or an organization to take care of those not mentally sound with a severe mental disability such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. This is usually granted to the older people with no working capabilities and abilities to make their decisions. The conservator takes decisions in the best interest of the patient.

Britney Spears’ Battle: How did She Land in a Conservatorship?

Lately, the unraveling stories of oppression of Britney’s are becoming the headlines of  news. Somewhat we know that her psychotic and emotional breakdown were the reasons which landed her in conservatorship. As individuals, we may like or dislike, be empathetic or apathetic with whatever the sufferings Britney has gone through. However, have we as a society ever thought about what landed her in this state?
Her life took an emotional turn in 2007 when she got engaged to Kevin Federline. Soon after, she filed a case of divorce due to irreconcilable issues, shortly after she gave birth to her second child, Jayden.
As the custody battle began for her kids, the series of emotional breakdowns were seen publicly. Many incidents confirmed her emotional meltdown and mental health. You may call it the lowest point of emotionally breaking when the mother wanted to see her kids, and she faced refusal by her ex-husband. So she went to the nearby salon and shaved her head. Days after this event, she again went to see the kids and again her husband refused. Afterwards, she started hitting the car of the paparazzi. All these events took the news by storm.

Britney Spears’ Battle with Mental Health

Britney Spears' Battle with Mental Health

Britney Spears’ Battle with Mental Health

While people talked about her eccentric behavior, no one spoke about her mental health and that she needed help. No one was talking about what she needed the most and who could help her regain her life back to normal.
The queen of pop was a mother. All she needed was her kids. But, unfortunately, she was a woman who suffered for her kids.
In 2008 Jamie Spears entered and was given custody. Note the fact that she was never close to her dad. Soon after the conservatorship, her life got back to normalcy. Britney Spears did albums, launched a luxurious perfume line, made guest appearances in shows, and she made a lot of money. Yet, despite all the achievements, she was still under her father’s conservatorship.
This is to note that conservatorship is for the person who cannot make his decisions and is severely mentally unstable. However, she was earning millions of dollars. Whatever she would make, her father earned a percentage of. She was being controlled for every act, every move, and every step she would take. Her calls and conversations were also recorded. Her father even got her an IUD installed.
She feared to react because they threatened her to lose her kids’ custody. Mothers are all vulnerable when it comes to their children. Once again we witnessed a woman who suffered for being a mother. She lost her emotional health for the sake of her kids.
Britney’s case once again showed that no matter what background a woman belongs to, she’s still living in the shackles of this society. Yet, ironically, the tormentors were her parents.


Ironically this story is not the first of its kind. Similar events have happened and the story recurs where a woman fell into depression, mental health struggle, and alcohol addiction. Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, and Miley Cyrus are some of cases in point. Substance abuse is a go-to escape for young women when they touch the skies of success and are ripped to shreds by the media and society. The fact is, the bullying and scrutiny never happened to any of the celebrated men of this age.
Society is a fabric of collectively different sectors and segments that weave it. The media plays one of the most significant roles in it. It depicts how we see the world. On the other hand, it helps to paint or taint its picture. The paparazzi, media, and, yes, society have all been carrying a giant microscope when it comes to a woman’s life.
The stance must change!

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