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Something yanked me out of the spirit plane. Focusing on it, I picked up distress, someone needed help. I was in Hout Bay, and it was around one in the morning. With incredible speed, I created a vortex around me and it swirled towards the distress emotion. What I found was devastating, a man was forcing himself on a woman in an alley. Vicious anger erupted inside of me. With a wave of my hand, I sent the vortex towards the man. I landed on my feet with cat-like grace despite the anger roiling inside me. The vortex picked him up and threw him against a wall. He plonked to the ground and groaned trying to get up.

The fact that he could still move, infuriated me. I wanted him hurt, badly. I wanted to break bone, maim him so he would never forget this night because the poor woman on the ground was certainly not going to. Throwing my arms and hands forward with force I created another vortex, sending it towards him. Swirling with him inside, it banged him against the walls on the  sides of the alley three times. Through the fog of anger I sort of heard a whispering saying, ‘and  if he dies,’ quickly I dissipated the vortex. With a loud thud he dropped to the ground. I was never allowed to kill, except the deity who threatened my world.

The woman lay huddled up on the ground crying miserably. The sound of her anguish shredded my heart. I approached slowly and crouched a few feet away from her because I didn’t want to frighten her. “Hey,” I said softly. Thankfully it was dark so she wouldn’t be able to make out my face.

Slowly, she unfolded into a sitting position. It was too dark for me to make out her face.

“You…you are a woman?” whispering, she asked…wonder filled in her soft voice.

“Yes, I am. I am truly sorry this happened to you.” I adjusted my eyes to see in the dark. Bruises were forming on her face, a nasty looking cut on her shoulder roiled my stomach. Her top was torn and her trouser ripped. Thankfully, there was a jacket laying on the side, she could wrap it around her waist. Her clothing were some type of uniform. May be she worked at a restaurant or a club.

“Thank you.” She rasped out.

“Should I take you to a hospital?”

“Yes please.” She said wrapping her arms around her body.

“I am going to come close to you now.” I warned before I made a move.

She nodded.

      I grabbed the jacket and helped her to her feet. We managed to cover up the important parts. “Unfortunately, our means of transportation might be a bit uncomfortable for you.” I did not know how else to get her to a hospital without me having to answer questions and be seen.

“Don’t be afraid, I will try make it as gentle as possible and closing your eyes will help.” 

      “Okay,” she said softly. 

      I conjured up a vortex as smoothly as I could and we were on our way, systematically avoiding street lights, all lights actually. When we got to the hospital I searched for a dark area. Under no circumstances was I going to let anyone see my face. When we landed, I stayed in the shadows, “it would be wise to tell them to alert the police so they can find him.” I was sure they would find him where we left him. “And please just find a way of explaining what happened without telling them how he got so thrashed.” I didn’t want the world to hear about a female vigilante on the news. 

      “Thank you,” and she wobbled towards the hospital entrance. 

      I stood there watching her struggle to walk, my heart tearing to little pieces because of what she had endured. Once she was inside, I transported myself home. 


In the days that followed, I was in a constant state of despair. I would not wish what I witnessed on anyone. If I was in anguish, what was she going through? Of course, many times I tried to put it out of my mind without success. Ethren noticed and asked a few times, but I couldn’t tell him. Poor Ethren didn’t know what to do with me. 

      Oh…I needed someone to talk to, about it but I would dare not complain to her. It was now my job to help people and I couldn’t very well go into depression every time I encountered something as traumatic. I am the one who had to keep it together, now. 

      Three days later, he found me huddled up on the couch, forlorn. He removed his jacket, tie and cuff links. Without a word, he came to the couch and squeezed himself next to me. Gathering me in his arms, like a child he cradled me. I couldn’t help myself, I gave way to the pent up sadness I had carried around for the past three days. Violent sobs were wrenched from my throat. A torrent of grief poured out of me coupled with the appalling devastation of realizing that no matter how much power I embodied, I could never stop the bad things from happening, I could never stop the pain that ravaged people. Or the pain that wrecked me. The agonizing realization that there was no other way, was too much to bear. But I had to accept it and deal with my lot. But how? 


The first thing that came to my consciousness was an embrace, possessive but also tender.

When I opened my eyes, they were met with darkness. It wasn’t night. The room was just dark. I had no memory of how I got there but I was certain it was the man who held me. 

      “Whatever it is, just know that I am here.” He stroked my upper arm as he spoke. 

      All I managed to do was nod in response. I laid on my side with my head on his chest. There was nothing erotic about this scene. It actually manifested an ambiance of a resting place. Somewhere I could go when heavy laden, when the world and everything in it proved harsh and overwhelming. It turns out even a person with power needed someone to lean on or a chest to lay a head on. 

      My world didn’t seem quite so bleak this morning. Thanks to the man who held me and the dream I’d had. She had obviously sensed my anguish and appeared to me in a dream. I came to understand that bad things happen to people…good and bad and there was nothing I could do about it. And sometimes I don’t get to know why. She made me understand it was alright to feel the pain and sorrow but I couldn’t stay in that space forever. There were a lot more people that needed help out there. All I could do, was do my best with what was bestowed upon me and be glad and grateful that in their time of need, I would be there. I learnt that I had to be content with helping instead of eradicating all the bad things. Everything that happened in the world was for a reason and everyone had a purpose. 

      We laid there, in the comfortable silence of his dark room. Waking up to the sounds of the ocean would have been quite lovely, but with the windows closed, it was mostly muted. We didn’t hear much from outside because of the building’s sound proofing. Only when I started feeling hungry did I make to move. 

      Ethren released me, “Morning Shira. How are you today?” 

I didn’t answer immediately, replaying the dream in my head. And then, “I have a positive outlook on life, so I believe I am well today,” smiling, I told him with certainty and determination to do what I could for those who needed my help. Though my main objective was to deal with the dark deity, once I found him of course, I decided then and there that I would go into the world and do my best. 

      “Well, I am glad to hear that. But as I said, I am here for you.” Earnest though he might be, I still didn’t know if I could trust him. 

      She may not have said anything bad about him but keeping our eccentric sides to ourselves meant there was something we both had to hide. We couldn’t trust each other. I had a mission that I could not trust anyone with except the White Ocean City council that sent me, especially a person with power I didn’t understand. “Thank you.” 

      “You are welcome. I will make breakfast.” With that he left the room.


It was time to embrace what I was, a Helper. And I needed the freedom to be able to do what I was meant to. I was born with a Marine Spirit inside me. Being a Helper was always my destiny and I had to let go of the resentment I felt for being taken from my family and having not been given a choice. As it was my life, I had hated not having to choose my own path. My ancestors had bestowed the power on me, for a reason. They saw something in me and decided to give me the power to help others. It was a gift and it was time for me to show them, I was worthy of it. 

      To have the freedom I needed, I had to get my own place. Meaning it was time to find a way to make a living. Without the education required on land to find work, it was going to be difficult. But as she always told me, I must believe that I would have everything I needed. I had been educated, yes, but not the education recognized on land. 

      I found Ethren dishing breakfast for us after the shower. For a moment, I stood by the entrance to the sitting room and gazed at him through the open plan kitchen. Already, I was feeling sad at having to leave. I was going to miss the way he took care of me. He had come into my life for a purpose. He made sure I had a start in this new life I now lived. A roof over my head, food, clothing and I got to be familiar with the way the world worked. As uncertain as I was about my next move, I knew I would be alright because I had some what of a start. 

“Yes, Shira. What is it?” Ethren had his back to me when he purred. 

      Though, I had not made a sound to alert him to my presence, still he had known I was there. Since Ethren got back, it seemed he didn’t bother to hide his power and the abilities it gave him, anymore. For the thousandth time, I wished I could read him properly and see his past and future. By the depths, I was desperate to know what power he wielded. If it was the last thing I would do before leaving his home, I would see it done. 

      He turned when I didn’t respond. 

      I smiled timidly, joined my hands in front of me and walked to the kitchen. “Nothing, thank you for breakfast.” 

      His eyes squinted slightly, maybe because he knew I lied. 

      “You should have been at work by now. Are you…”

      He interjected, “Am staying with you today.” 

      Oh! Ethren needed to stop being so wonderful. I was in danger of being side-tracked. One of the reasons why having my own place was a good idea. 

      “Would you like to visit the aquarium?” 

      “Yes, that would be awesome. Thank you.” In the time I had lived with him, he had come to really care for my well being. Though he was determined to have me fall for him, he also wanted to take my mind off what had saddened me. 


As usual Ethren was in black, jeans and a t-shirt that showcased his enticing abs. While I wore a sundress and sandals in the color he favored so much, for me anyway, white. He held my hand the whole time as we enjoyed the aquarium’s stunning display of the beautiful array of sea life. Such a wonderful experience…one could loose themselves in it. Here was the closest way to come face to face with the predators of the deep, like the impressive shark, without becoming a meal. The place was teeming with sea life, some beautiful and some quite grotesque, actually. Memories of my time in the ocean came unbidden. I understood exactly how the sea life felt free-flowing with the currents. There was nothing quite like it. It was magical and I actually missed it. I realize now, how blessed I was being one of the few to ever experience that life. 

We had lunch at the restaurant outside the aquarium and enjoyed the beautiful afternoon watching yachts and boats come and go. In the background were the constant sounds of the sea lions that enjoyed the sun by the docks. It was a wonderful day and it accomplished exactly what Ethren had wanted. For me to be distracted from my worries. 

      For the entire day, we were out. It seemed Ethren tried hard to avoid going home early. After lunch we headed to a historic homestead, in Constantia. The rolling hills and gentle valleys covered with vines, were most splendid, truly a breathtaking view. Of course, there was no way one could come to Constantia and not do a bit of wine testing. After the tour around the farm we had an early supper there.           


It was around eight in the evening when we got home. The moment we entered the apartment, Ethren’s magnified power had tripled. It was a thoroughly confusing moment. Then after a minute, I picked up two beings. Ethren’s power had not tripled, there were two beings just as powerful close by. I couldn’t read anything more than that. 

      “Shira, I am sure the day’s activities have tired you. Why don’t you go on to bed. I will see you in the morning.” Ethren was looking in the direction of the door that led to his home office and bedroom. 

      I didn’t argue or hesitate, I knew which battles and powers to fight. The three powerful beings in the apartment would shred me. So I smiled lightly, “Good night, Ethren. Thank you for today.” 

      He looked in my face blankly, his attention somewhere else. 

      I left him in the sitting room and went to my room. 

      There were more like him. I wasn’t afraid, though. Nothing about their presence was in any way threatening. What were they? I fretted all night, little did I know, I didn’t have long to wait to find out who and what they were. 


Just before it was time for Ethren to get home, I decided to start supper. I had just turned away from the breakfast bar when two distinctly powerful forces invaded the atmosphere. The power was too great, I had to hold on to the kitchen sink, then I turned. Two men stood in the open space watching me. They looked at me as if I was a specimen they wanted to dissect and study.

Then I noticed their features: they looked like Ethren, not exactly like him but very close. Their black robes were intricately beaded with silver and the belts had silver clamps.  

      One ambled towards the kitchen counter and planted perfect hands on it, “So this is the

human girl who has our brother tarrying to complete his mission.” He observed. 


      They didn’t respond. We just stared at each other. 

      Then it occurred to me that I hadn’t said it out loud. 

      The man by the kitchen counter gestured in my direction with a wave of his hand. “Oh, look at that, she looks lost trying to figure out what we are.” 

      “She does have some power.” The other man said, derisively. 

      “Yes, that might be the reason why our brother is so intrigued.” 

       “Hmm…But still they are inferior and quite savage in their treatment of each other, greedy too. Not worth his dawdling, if you ask me.” 

      “It is not about all of them brother, do you not see. It is about her. She is mesmerizing. She has a unique glow to her person that others do not,” his eyes intensely scrutinizing me. Then his gaze turned to the other one, who stared at me as if I was an insect he wanted to squash with a boot. “One of those pesky water creatures, I think…she embodies the spirit.” He said grimacing. 

      They were talking about me as if I wasn’t there. Powerful beings, dressed in black who clearly didn’t think humans were worth shit. Then suddenly, the dark deity came to mind. 


      Slowly, I exhaled and a whimper escaped my lips. I closed my eyes, my entire body weakening. I lost all sense. The horror of it all propelled me into an atmosphere much like space. There was no gravity, no where for me to stand on or anything for me to grab for support. Then I was on the floor, sitting with my back against the cupboard and my legs stretched in front of me. Not that I could feel anything in the moment. 

      “Do you suppose that is fear or she is just humbled by the majesty of our power, brother?” I think it was the one by the breakfast bar speaking. Everything felt and sounded so distant, I couldn’t be sure. 

      Why didn’t Mairena tell me? She knew, of course she knew. They could see more than I did, they could see everything. So why? My heart shredded, how could she keep it from me? What was her end-game? They weren’t con artists, they couldn’t be. It was impossible. Then why? 

      “I don’t suppose Ethren mentioned what he is, did he? He is deity, human…and he came to destroy your world so we can gain its power. But you…” he turned and made to walk around the counter. 

      When he started moving, I focused. He was just as powerful as Ethren. There was no way in the depths I was going to defeat both of them. At some point before Ethren stopped shielding his power, I thought I could easily dispatch him. I knew his power now and I wasn’t so sure. 

      He stood directly in front of me with his behind leaning against the counter. “You have become something of a pickle.” 

      The man who still stood in the open space ambled closer to us, “a pickle that needs to be dealt with.” His voice low but acutely menacing. 

      “Now brother, you know how piqued Ethren gets if anyone touches what is his.” 

      “He is wasting time, Nyfus.” 

      Sighing, “we have all the time in the universe. Honestly, I don’t see why he should not be allowed to have his fun. We all know we will get what we want in the end.” 

      ‘Have his fun.’ Toying with me, while he plans to pulverize my world was fun to him. Unbidden, memories of all the times he had shown a tremendous amount of goodness came to mind. I was thoroughly confused in my shocked state. How could one be good to a people he intended to destroy? The sound of the elevator door opening reached us. 

      Ethren was home. 

      The moment he came into view, his eyes instantly landed on me. He stood tall, formidable and there was something else. I couldn’t quite place it…worry, fear, relief, I wasn’t sure. 

      “Good day brother, we were just having a little chat with your…err human. Well, we are doing all the talking, she seems to be out of sorts or maybe she is just a halfwit.” The one called Nyfus spoke.

      How rude.

      In unison, they turned their backs to me and looked at Ethren. 

      He didn’t respond, his eyes were glued on me. I stared back at him and the longer I did, the angrier I got. Gone was the weak feeling. I didn’t care how powerful he was, I wanted to get my hands on him. Gone were the feelings I had developed for him. I wanted to shred him into minute pieces, shattering all evidence that he ever existed. 

      “I see why you are diverted, really…But, in case your normally sharp senses have dulled from,” waves a lazy hand in my direction, from periphery I could see his movements, “living like one of them, she has a water spirit. Just in case, thought I should mention it.” His face suddenly turned serious. “They are troublesome bro…” 

      “Both of you, leave.” Ethren didn’t give Nyfus a chance to finish his sentence. 

      “Ethren…” it sounded like a warning. It was the other man who spoke. 

      His gaze moved from me to his brothers. “Now,” he ordered his voice like thunder and he was livid as he looked at them. 

      Nyfus sighed, looked at the other man and they both vanished in swirls of black shadows.    


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