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We try to maximize our productivity every day so as to do our jobs efficiently and achieve our goals. A lazy day is meant for you to be less productive as possible. A lazy day is meant to turn your focus on you and do all the things you would not do on a normal day. There is actually a international lazy day recognized widely. It is celebrated on August 10th.  If you have dependents, you may choose participate in this day if you have prepared adequately for  the consequences. Dependents are small children, patients, pets etc.

There are many songs written about being lazy by recognizable singers like Bruno Mars, Otis Redding, The Byrds etc. You can blast those songs and enjoy being lazy.

You can scroll through social media but you should do it in moderation. Social media can make one feel guilty about their choices. Some also get caught in a trance of scrolling thus a whole day can pass them. Even though a lazy day is meant for doing nothing or less, you should prioritize yourself. This includes your mental health. Feeling guilty bring no worth to your mental health and may lead to shame. Guilt is a natural emotional response. If you do feel guilty, try to explore your feeling with curiosity instead of judgement. Provided you decide to scroll through social media, set a timer and adhere to it.

You get those extra hours of sleep you have been craving. Sleeping the most possible hours (7 hours or more) is important to one’s mental health and physical health. Good sleep helps one loose weight, recharges the body and mind and reduces the risk of initially developing depression. It also helps the body remain healthy thus fighting off diseases. Quality sleep can leave you refreshed and ready for your lazy day. If you are not a fun of sleeping in you can nap later in the day and still feel energized to continue the rest of your day.

Thou can decide to do a full skincare routine focusing on what you would not do on a normal day. Some individuals like to smell and look good even on their inactive days. Every person has their preference on how to spend their time. A face sheet mask can be good for a skin care routine on a lazy day. The only excruciating job would be opening the package, placing the mask on your face and setting a timer as directed. You can use face wipes do reduce the chances of getting up to wash your face. Do not forget to moisturize your skin to prevent dryness.

Get comfortable in either sweat pants, pajamas, oversized T shirt or dera. Getting ready of normal every day clothing and getting comfy is the first step to relax and enjoy a lazy day for most people. Humans describe comfort in different ways but comfort clothes are universal. Comfortable clothes influences your overall psychological health. According to, being comfortable in your clothing makes you feel more content, relaxed and even more productive.

After getting into comfortable clothes, you can start binging watching your favorite series or movies on any streaming service. Binge watching is neither good nor bad as long as it is done in moderation. It is beneficial in establishing social connections and stress relief. Most people relax through binging because it makes them feel good. So long as it does not negatively affect your social life, health and work life.

You can also binge read your favorite book. Order takeout or convince your friends to cook for you to maximize your day and get stuck in your fantasy world.

A lazy day can feel lonely sometimes depending on the person. Some humans enjoy solitude while others relish in companionship. You can invite your friend/ plural or family to savor a lazy day with you. It can be a good bonding time. They are there to help you cope with stress and make life long and enjoyable. They may not be there for you forever so spend time with them when you can.

To end this, lazy day is a good date to be in tune with yourself without compromising your wellbeing. You are supposed to feel satisfied and at the end of the day. Be to appreciate it on your day off, but don’t make it a habit. There are other things you can do.


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  1. Carson Anekeya

    Your thoughtful exploration of the benefits and considerations surrounding a lazy day offers practical insights and encouragement for individuals seeking to prioritize self-care and relaxation in their lives. Thank you for sharing these valuable tips and reminders for embracing leisure and nurturing our well-being.

  2. Amy Ochola

    This is very insightful especially for those of us who rarely have time to themselves. thanks for this.

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