Those childhood traumas that you have been ignoring might need closure

Those childhood traumas that you have been ignoring might need closure

Trauma can also be caused by not having a safe place to talk about what occurred to you. Although childhood trauma can be mildly upsetting or obtrusive, the damage may come from the fact that it has been suppressed for twenty years. For instance, you may have found someone to confide in if you were extremely distressed and heartbroken by your parents’ arguments over whether you should be sent to college. But the hurt took hold and you started to feel unlovable and undesired.


Rejection is an ongoing hurt that you want to prevent by lacking boundaries, striving for perfection to ward off criticism, and repressing your emotions so as not to bother other people.A tiny pimple can cause damage to an entire body component, and if something seemingly insignificant is allowed to fester for years, it can ruin your mental health.


You can uncover the seemingly insignificant events from so many years ago in order to save your identity and spare yourself years of suffering. You are being responsible and self-caring, not petty or needlessly revisiting the past. Your early life experiences are still with you today; they are part of your ongoing psychological conditioning.

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  1. Carson Anekeya

    Insightful reflection on the lasting effects of suppressed childhood trauma. Providing a safe space for dialogue is crucial for healing. Thanks for sharing this important perspective.

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