Living a quiet life in 2024

Living a quiet life in 2024

I haven’t watched TV since 2020. In fact, I no longer even own a TV, and here’s why: trauma.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who got hit really bad when the pandemic hit. Everything in the news was death and gloom, the fear was palpable, everywhere you went. Even when the TVs were switched off, we continued doom scrolling on our phones and laptops. When I started developing some agoraphobia-like symptoms, that’s when I knew it was time to just shut it all down, so to speak. No TV, no social media. None whatsoever, and no “friends” coming over whose favorite pastime is talking about everything that’s wrong with the world. Oh, and because I was alone most of the time, I was able to learn three new languages, incorporate a lot of intermittent fasting and try out the carnivore diet for a few months. 

Four years down the line, I cannot even begin to describe the kind of mind shift that purge caused. Not only did I feel better, but my body just sort intelligently reset itself, as the creator designed it to do.

I have come so far, and even now in 2024, I get all my news from friends or siblings or neighbors down the street… if I have to. I’ve found that even without a phone, all I have to do is walk up to the shopkeeper and say, “Did you hear what happened yesterday?” And he’ll proceed to tell you all about it.

As for me and my household, we’re going to continue this quiet life of ours, for as long as possible.


Love to read, love to write and absolutely love to learn.

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  1. Danson Munyao

    Yeah,Pandemic period was horrible but at least we came out changed people with great innovations and inventions, transformed lifestyles

  2. X22Ramed X22Ramed

    Hey people!!!!!
    Good mood and good luck to everyone!!!!!

  3. Amy Ochola

    nice read. i love a quiet life too.

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