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Clean Impact Bond: Mobilizing Finance for Clean Cooking

Clean Impact Bond: Mobilizing Finance for Clean Cooking


This report introduces the Clean Impact Bond (CIB),  a results-based financing (RBF) instrument  that mobilizes funds based on the sales of  certified health and gender credits in the modern energy cooking sector. The CIB,  the first of its kind,  was structured  in collaboration with Cardano Development, IFC, BIX Capital, the Osprey Foundation, and Additionally, the report  provides context on the CIB and demonstrates the significant health and gender benefits of clean cooking through the use of biogas. The target audience for this brief includes investors, financial intermediaries, multilateral/development finance institutions, outcome buyers, clean cooking companies, and other market players who are interested in promoting clean cooking solutions, supporting inclusive businesses, addressing climate change, and advancing gender equality.


We are also going to start actively selling our biodigester to large farms that have 20-50 cows because we are launching new biogas appliances that enable use of biogas for productive scale farms. This is going to be the new market that we are launching in 2021. We are also looking to install around 3000-4000 biodigesters in 2021 with our main region of focus being the Rift Valley.

Benefits your partnership with KCV

KCV invested in us very early, when we were still starting in Kenya within our first 12 months. They provided us with very strategic capital to launch. They have been on our board since day one supporting us with financing and technical support.

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