Love Languages

Love Languages

Love, this is the greatest fruit we were given. How great it is to love and be loved, honestly love is love, personally I love love. Who really doesn’t want love, even  the greatest serial killers  and narcissists loved.

As introduced by a a great marriage cousellor in the early 1990’s, love also has its language how it can be communicated and vice vasa.

One would love to recieve love and express love in a certain way, either platonic or romantically.

They are categorized into;

  1. Gifts – These are people, love presents, surprises. They  it take to a whole level when you buy them something
  2. Physical touch – Y’all ever had friedns or partners that just hold your hand or love hugging, at home they just wanna snuggle . Most of us might feel like its too much sometimes, but that is how these people express they love . They just love touch.
  3. Attention – These is where most of us fall, people adore when you sacrifice your time to stay with them. There just love when their partner spends time with them . Most women , we can relate as when our partners leave us to go somewhere after spending a whole day with us we still want the to stay. 
  4. Acts of service – This where people  really appreciate when you lighten their load, a helping hand is would go a long way. They make one feel loved and cared for.
  5. Words of affirmation – Who doesn’t love being told positive things once in a while, there are people who have emotional orgasms when you compliment and encourage them . Just a simple “You’re awesome” would really mean alot


Its important to learn your love langauage and your loved ones  so as to strengthen the bond.

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    How do you know your love language?

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