Each one of us has a belief system. A way in which we think the world should work for it to make sense. The truth is it never really does because most people don’t take the time to accept that your beliefs are not everyone else’s. So you find someone imposing their lives and systems on others. The leading cause of depression right now is relationships. You get in knowing what you want and deep down knowing this person is different. So you tell yourself they will change for you. Time goes by and you realize they are who they are. By this time you are in too deep and don’t know how to get out. So you stay a frustrated man or a broken woman. Here is my belief system, relationships are a beautiful space. Be yourself, what you love, hate, and everything you care for. From the beginning be authentic and do not think for one minute that if you compromise your partner will ..Love yourself enough to be you. There is only one of you. Happy festivities y’all. Protect your mental health.



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