Make your partner happy

Make your partner happy

Make your partner happy

Getting into a relationship with one is considered as a piece of cake but everyone would agree with me that staying in a relationship is one of the toughest things we experience in this earth. If we love our partners then quitting the relationship is never an option so we would consider repairing our relationships.

On the other hand despite the fact that all relationships have their downs and ups then I would advise that you consider trying your level best to keep your partner and this would impact how you solve your conflicts.

I compiled a list of several ways that could help you keep your partner happy and they are as follows:

Appreciate them

Everyone agrees with me that most of us feel special every time someone appreciates our efforts. This includes our partners who would do everything to make sure that they hear us say a simple thank you.

Forgive easily

Everyone at some point in life makes mistakes. This is a common case because as an old saying goes that a man is to error then I bet everyone makes mistakes and not because they want to but because they found themselves in such a situation.

Learn to apologize

At some point in life we may have to bury the ego and say a simple sorry for mistakes we have committed. Saying a sorry that could be accepted starts with a confession and one admitting that they really did what they are being accused of.

Remember their special days

Our partners do not want to keep on reminding you about the days they consider special to them and one of these days is their birthdays. You should consider writing down a reminder to avoid cheap drama.

Buy them gifts

Your partner is not a statue to just be seen, watched or a toy you could use to play. These people however okay they feel, you should trust me if I told you that deep inside they want to be bought something that feels like an appreciation.

Surprise them

A surprise works better if it was given unexpected. You do not have to always wait for your partner to have a special occasion to buy them something but sometimes just consider bringing home something from work. A surprise doesn’t have to be expensive but bring them something they desire.

Take them out

Sometimes our heads are just filled up and we are close to giving up to the problems of this world. But what if we had a moment to just go to a place we have never been or somewhere to just relax and enjoy the company of the people we love.


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  1. Caroline Njeri

    Interesting read. i agree with you that people should appreciate their partners. If a couple has kids, they should help each other in raising them. The kids are not just mummy’s problems, they belong to both parents.

  2. Carson Anekeya

    Maintaining a relationship is indeed a challenging journey, but the commitment to staying and growing together is invaluable. Repairing and nurturing our relationships takes effort and dedication. Your advice to prioritize keeping our partners happy is a crucial aspect of conflict resolution and maintaining a healthy bond. Let’s invest in our relationships and cherish the journey together.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Nancy Wambui

    When they are happy, we are happy. A win, win I guess

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