Malnutrition – is when the body recieves  too little or too much nutrients that leads  health problems. 

It is categorized into two; 

  • Undermalnutrition – This is where there is deficiency of nutrients, thus leading to low weight for height. This may develop because people cannot obtain or prepare food, have a disorder that makes eating or absorbing food difficult, or have a greatly increased need for calories, as occurs during periods of rapid growth like during pregnancy and puberty.
  • Overnutrition – This where  there is oversupply of nutrients that leads to  health impairements. The amount of nutrients exceeds the amount needed for growth development and metobolism. It can also mean greater food consumption than appropriate. 

Overnutrition can occur when one intakes too much of one nutrient than others, like eating too much of the iron which can lead to iron poisoning. 

According to statistics, 420million children are living with undernutrition. 1.9billion adults are overweight. 

29% of women are suffering from anaemia. 

To treat malnutrition we ought to observe balanced diet. 

A balanced diet is  a combination of carbohydrates that are energy giving  foods, proteins are body building foods, vitamins and minerals are also part of the balanced diet.

Water, is a fundamental part of nutrition . 


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