The rebounder

The rebounder

In many relationships nowadays, breaking up and falling in love again is not uncommon. People getting overly attached to one another and creating strong, hard-to-break relationships is said to be the cause of this occurrence. In bringing couples back together, the adage “better the devil you know than an angel you don’t know” is particularly relevant. After a breakup, some people decide to move on too quickly because they think their ex-spouse was better or more manageable than the person they are currently dating.

Love is a strong emotion that has the capacity to change everything, and in any relationship, communication is essential. Psychologists advise scheduling conversation time so that ideas and emotions can be shared. Another key to reconciling marriages is asking for clarity. This leads to forgiveness and understanding by dispelling doubts and mistrust. In order to prevent mistrust and future division, trust is also crucial to the process of reunification.


Time is a healer because it helps couples come to terms with their mistakes and reconsider their actions, which aids in the process of forgiving one another.It’s critical to let go of grudges and forget the mistakes made by others because bringing up the past can be damaging and foster mistrust.


Some couples, especially men who believe their ex will move on, may attempt to recover lost love from their successful relationship out of jealousy or ego. To prevent breakups and reunions, trust each other, learn to forgive each other’s imperfections, and enjoy the one you have while they are still with you.

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  1. Joy Ngeny

    most of us believe in rebounding as way of moving on

  2. Shukrani Maina

    Rebounding helps in moving on

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