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Strands to contemplate when purchasing Smartphone

Strands to contemplate when purchasing Smartphone

Planning to buy Smartphone? Below are some of the factors to consider when buying the Smartphone in Kenya.

The Smartphone is cellular telephone with   integrated computer and other features not originally associated with telephones such as the operating system, web browsing and the ability to run software applications. Many people have opted to use Smartphone due to the various functions it can perform to make life easier. Here are some things to check out before purchasing one;


Prices of different phones vary from budget to high – end. Although cost is the crucial factor, it is important to choose the phone within your budget but also one that meets your requirements. The price of the phone is the deciding factor for all the others but do not let your budget stop you from buying the phone of your dreams. You would rather buy the expensive phone that will keep you going for several months or even years than the cheap one that will make you want to go back to the shop again in the shortest amount of time.


Display’s size and resolution may vary depending on how you use your Smartphone. The display size of 5.5 to 6 inches is ideal for activities such as streaming, messaging, surfing the internet and editing since anything bigger than that makes the phone bulky and hard to carry around. Display quality affects the viewing experience hence it is important to note that higher resolution and pixel density leads to the better quality display producing higher quality images and videos.


Storage capacity is an important factor to consider since we use our phones to store music and videos, download software and capture photos hence storage capacity can be filled so fast. One should opt for the phone with bigger storage if they are planning to use it for long period of time. For people who download lots of software or store lots of things should use phones with minimum storage of 128 GB while for those who use their phones casually the storage capacity of 32GB should be enough.


Security is the most important concern in this digital generation hence it should also be considered purchasing the Smartphone. You should check for features such as biometric corroboration and secure boot to ensure personal data in your phone are protected. This may also offer enhanced protection against unauthorized access to your private data as well as making it easy to unlock your phone using features such as fingerprint and iris scanner. 


Choosing good Smartphone camera is important whether it will be used for professional purpose or capturing good personal moments. For the good camera you should consider things such as MP count, aperture, autofocus and image stabilization. It is also important to note that large pixels does not always mean better images. If you do photography most of the times then you should go for the phone with 12 or 16 MP and if you are not likely to use the camera often then the phone with 8 – 12 MP should be good for you.

Getting the Smartphone is good investment considering that almost everything now is going digital. Using these tips when purchasing one may be of benefit but it is also important to consult experts.




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    Was planning on getting a phone. This is very educative and i know how to jiggle around now

  2. Carson Anekeya

    Great insight. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Shukrani Maina

    Great tips to consider next time I do buy a phone

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