The power of silent growth

The power of silent growth

Build quietly and let your accomplishments surprise people to rouse those who are sleeping on your potential. They might take great pride in being your mentor or supervisor and believe they are the ones who will shape your destiny. But all they know about you is your past, your origins, your fire, and your thirst to stabilize. They just know your lofty goals and the influence you hope to have on the industry, no matter how courteous and respectful you are.

You should anticipate strong resistance from your previous seniors when you eventually decide to take a risk and pursue your goal. They feel devalued because you’re no longer their topic and they dread your energy. Stick to your course of action and let your performance speak for itself. You desire market share and room for your goals, not bragging rights or to rub it in with anyone.


It’s the ultimate form of self-care to let people be mistaken about you.

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