“Wired to cheat” is just a cover-up

“Wired to cheat” is just a cover-up

Contrary to popular belief, the statement “all men are wired to cheat” is untrue. The only reasons why men cheat are due to a lack of self-control, peer pressure, selfishness, low self-esteem, and sometimes even as a means of punishing their spouse. A man who controls his emotions will know when to say no and turn away. A disciplined man who understands his value will not permit himself to be nude with any woman.


Only one woman was created from one man; if all men were made to cheat, God would have produced many women from Adam. A psychiatrist should be consulted about an unrepentant cheater. According to a Chinese saying, a man who loves one woman loves them all, and a guy who loves many women loves none of them.


Being devoted to one lady does not mean that you should be devoted to all of them. After all, keeping track of how many women a man has slept with is like to keeping track of how many times he has served as a slave. A man should be a responsible man, not a toy for any woman. Truly, a man can possess good looks, wealth, and confidence without losing his loyalty to his partner.

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  1. Carson Anekeya

    Fascinating perspective! Dispelling myths about infidelity and emphasizing self-discipline is crucial. The analogy with the creation story is thought-provoking. Seeking professional help for unfaithfulness is essential. Thanks for sharing these insightful viewpoints

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