A dream can be defined as a strong desire for something. Most of us have great dreams but the problem is not the greatness of the dream but the procedure required to achieve them is only a piece of the many challenges.

Today I take you through simple but sure steps towards achieving your dreams. These steps are as follows:

Goal setting

A goal is different from a dream because a dream is a desire but a goal is a desire governed by time. A dream can only be achieved if you break it down into smaller steps which all build up to your target destination. For you to achieve your dreams you need to set fixed dates on where or what you want to achieve within a fixed timeframe. An example is when you want to have ksh.50000 in 3 months.

Build a plan

A plan is closely related to a goal but the difference is that a plan is comprised of smaller timeframes like a day or even minutes. A goal is only a goal unless it’s backed up by a plan which required you to organize your daily events to make maximum utilization of every minute available during the day. You can write down a daily work plan that keeps you notified about what needs to be done at what time.


I was reading one of the articles from one of the writers and they said that motivation is what makes you do something but a habit is something that keeps you doing it. If you are to make sure that you achieve your dreams, you have to make sure that your plan is strictly adhered to.

Acquire the necessary resources.

Most of our dreams depend on the resources we have to make them come true. A strictly followed daily work plan will always lead you somewhere at the end of the day. Make sure that you eventually have something at the end of the day. Regular acquisition of an important part of your dream on a daily basis is actually something you should celebrate. Make sure you keep the resources safe or properly utilized after acquiring them.

Analyze progress.

After doing all the above for a certain period of time, you must have already gone some distance in achieving your dreams. Remember to set a schedule on the days when you want to analyze your performance, determine the remaining part, take note of the resources required to complete the remaining part and acquire them too.

Climb the ladder.

With all the above steps, you are supposed to already have known what needs to be done for you to acquire something. On a timed schedule, make sure that you have made some progress on climbing up your ladder. After progress analysis shows you some positive results, make sure that you do not stop to celebrate your progress rather consider speeding up your procedures.

*After all the above is done, be sure that your dreams are closer and consider repeating the entire process in case something doesn’t work out as epected.


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  1. Caroline Njeri

    I like these ideas, and I will definitely keep the quote, “your goal is a desire governed by time.”

  2. Michael Otieno

    I hope to achieve my dreams following your ideas

  3. Carson Anekeya

    Your distinction between dreams and goals, emphasizing the importance of setting fixed dates and breaking down aspirations into smaller steps, is crucial for effective progress. Overall, your steps provide a comprehensive guide for anyone striving to turn their dreams into reality. Thanks for sharing this valuable perspective on the path to achieving one’s aspirations.

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