When you finally learn to say “no”

When you finally learn to say “no”

It’s crucial to understand that when people accuse you of being egotistical and tough, they could have recognized they can no longer control you as easily. They might think you’re unrealistic or out of touch with the times, misread your motives, and foretell your demise. Consider these remarks to be a temper tantrum expressing the person’s annoyance with your stringent security.


It isn’t a sign of affection if they start acting dramatic when you tell them no, cram your area, or show your family how much they care. Rather, it’s control and fixation. They got near enough to see that you’re not strong enough to stand in their way and treat you any way they choose. The moment you attempt to leave, they will become enraged and agitated.When you attempt to leave, they will become agitated and hostile, acting as though they already possess you. They hate your free will and they don’t respect your uniqueness.


The same thing is done by those who make suicide threats or do extreme, vague actions. They scare you till you’re too scared to leave since they can’t make you want to be with them. Reiterating your resolve to flee is how you respond to anyone who tries to manipulate you using fear and intimidating tactics. This individual will never treat you with respect and will never be able to meet your needs—they will always be an object.

In conclusion, love is kind and peaceful, and anything violent and aggressive is not true love but a fake version of it. Sincere individuals will accept your “no” and move on to try another place. Because they don’t respect you and want to own you, abusers will annoy and harass you. Run as soon as you come across the sign.

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  1. Carson Anekeya

    This is impressive! People who care about you will accept your decisions and move forward. Thanks for Sharing.

  2. Muoki Musila

    Can I say no more frequently to piss people off or is that a new problem am creating?

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