Coffee drinks explained

Different types of Coffee Explained – Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte, Macchiato, Mocha

Different types of Coffee Explained – Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte, Macchiato, Mocha

Coffee Explained

Have you ever gone to a coffee shop and got overwhelmed by all the different types of coffee drinks available? Worry not. In this article, we are going to discuss all the different types of coffee brewed globally.

By the end of this mini guide, you will have a solid understanding on what each coffee drink contains, how it is prepared and how they differ from one another. First of all, we are going to categorize, these coffee drinks into two; Black coffee which contains absolutely no milk and white coffee which contains varying intensities of milk. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Categories of Black Coffee.

1. Espresso

2. Americano

3. Filter Coffee

1. Espresso


Typically, espresso is the basis from which 98% of all coffee drinks globally arise from. An espresso is a highly concentrated coffee drink often served in a very small 60ml cup. To make an espresso shot, as it is often referred to, you need to buy an espresso machine which grinds the coffee beans to perfection, gets the water temperature and pressure to the right level, producing the perfect brew every single time.

If you want a cheaper alternative to making espresso without the machine, some people opt for simpler devices such as a french press, Mocha pot or an AeroPress.

With that out of the way, there are two types of espresso: either a single or double espresso shot. The intensity of coffee is the same, with the difference being the amount served. A single espresso shot is served in a 60ml cup while a double espresso shot is served in a 114ml cup.

2. Americano


The second type of black coffee that is often preferred by coffee ‘addicts’ is Americano. Americano is basically a diluted form of espresso. Though it is referred to as ‘diluted’, make no mistake as it is quite intense and non-coffee drinkers often refer to the taste as bitter.

It is prepared by diluting either a single shot of espresso or a double shot of espresso with hot boiling water in a 250ml cup. Americano still offers a rich taste of coffee and it is one of the best drinks to kickstart your day.

3. Filter Coffee

filter coffee

Unlike espresso, filter coffee uses a gravity based method rather than a pressure method to obtain the coffee drink. The gravity based method, simply means that, you let the water drip using gravity instead of forcing it out of tiny holes by using pressure.

Filter coffee is synonymous with the Indian culture and is prepared using a certain type of coffee powder which should not be confused with instant coffee. Instant coffee powder is soluble in hot water while filter coffee is not. In addition to this, the main differentiating factor is how each one of the is produced. Instant coffee is often brewed in large amount in factories from roasted beans and then it is dehydrated into a powder. This process often takes away the rich flavor of coffee, but brands like Dormans often do a good job of producing high quality instant coffee.

filter coffee

On the other hand, Filter coffee powder is obtained by roasting and grinding coffee beans hence producing high quality and insoluble coffee powder. To make filter coffee, you need a simple filter coffee machine where in one compartment, you put the filter coffee powder while in another compartment you pour hot boiling water. You then leave it to brew as the water drips through the compartment with the coffee powder until the final brew is obtained. That’s why it is referred to as a gravity based method of brewing coffee. The result is a rich and flavorful coffee drink.

Categories of White Coffee.

1. Cappuccino

2. Latte

3. Macchiato

4. Mocha

5, Flat white

1. Cappuccino


Cappuccino is by far one of the most popular type of coffee drink globally. Typically, cappuccino contains more milk foam than milk. It is brewed in a 150ml-250 ml cup. To prepare cappuccino, a single shot of espresso is first brewed and then poured in the cappuccino cup. The milk content is then prepared and depending on the skill of the barista, they often make beautiful patterns such as a heart shape, a leaf shape etc. It is best accompanied by a snack such as a croissant, a donut or even a cup cake.

2. Latte


Unlike Cappuccino, latte contains more milk than milk foam. Latte is often preferred by people who don’t like the strong taste of coffee. In some coffee shops, they offer latte with flavors such as vanilla, Hazel nut, Lavender etc. This makes the drink even more enjoyable and less bitter.

To prepare latte, you need to brew a single shot of espresso. Then in a 250ml cup, pour the espresso shot and then prepare the milk content, keeping in mind that you need more milk than milk foam. Once complete, pour the milk content into the already prepared espresso shot and depending on your barista skills, you can make lovely patterns and shapes.

3. Macchiato.


Macchiato is a concentrated form of coffee often served in a small 60ml espresso cup. Coffee Macchiato, sometimes referred to as Espresso Macchiato is prepared by combining a single shot of espresso with a small amount of milk foam to produce a rich and flavorful brew of coffee.

One of the most surprising things about Macchiato that often catches some people off guard, is the relatively small cup that it comes in. So before, ordering a Macchiato, always remember that it comes in a 60ml espresso cup.

4. Mocha


Caffè mocha is a dialed downed coffee drink that contains drinking chocolate. It provides a rich and flavorful coffee and chocolate blend that is often drank during cold days. To prepare mocha, brew a single shot of espresso and pour it in a 250ml cup. The next step is to put about two tea spoons of drinking chocolate into the cup and mixing it well with the espresso shot.

Prepare the milk froth bearing in mind that the milk content has to be more than the milk foam. Once complete, pour it in the cup to create a smooth coffee-chocolate drink. Mocha is best served with an accompaniment such as a croissant or a donut.

5. Flat White.

flat white

Flat white is a strong type of white coffee that originated from the oceanic regions of New Zealand and Australia. Flat white combines a shot of double espresso and milk foam in a 250ml cappuccino cup. But what’s the difference between Cappuccino and Flat white? I’m glad you asked. Well, for starters, Flat white has a higher coffee content. Cappuccino is brewed with a single shot of espresso while Flat white is brewed with a double shot of espresso.

Final Thoughts.

caffe latte

I hope this article has shed some light on the different types of coffee. Share with your friends and family to spread the knowledge on the different types of coffee. Leave a comment below if you have any question or suggestion. Cheers!!

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