How diabetes destroys you from within:

Vision loss

Diabetes and blindness. Blind forever. It is not possible to restore vision affected by diabetes, even with laser surgery because the retina is detached as a result of many bleeds.

Destruction of the kidney

Sugar simply clogs the urinary tract. That is why the environment of the kidneys becomes very sweet. Sugar is similar to preservatives. It preserves the gradually dying kidneys. Chronic kidney failure is just the tip of the iceberg. The kidneys may stop working completely.

Loss of joint mobility

Synovial fluid provides mobility to the joints. When blood vessels stop supplying the joint, synovial fluid stops being produced. The joint dries up and deteriorates. The patient feels excruciating pain. Not even painkillers help. The joint closes completely, and the patient loses the ability to move independently.

Helpless nervous system

Nerves, like many other organs, are damaged due to excess sugar. Over time, diabetics become psychotic and emotionally unbalanced. They get depressed often and there is nothing that makes them feel good. All they want is to fall asleep and die.

Skin rot!

At first, it is extremely dry, there are cracks, eczema and ulcers. Muscles and bones rot because of the skin. An unpleasant odor is produced. It all ends in gangrene.

Diabetes is a very dangerous disease. Perhaps the most dangerous of all. I feel sorry for people diagnosed with diabetes. I try to help them, but it all depends on oneself.

If you do not use metformin, how to relieve diabetes? Take, for example, an ordinary retiree who developed diabetes with age. Your blood sugar levels keep rising. Let’s say you’re taking metformin and you’re feeling sick. What can be done to alleviate diabetes? Can it be fought?

Health expert Javier Olmedo:

I would like to mention, once again, that type 2 diabetes is a complicated, dangerous, and systemic disease. It’s not a cold or diarrhea. It’s much worse. This disease spreads throughout the body and, therefore, the fight against it has to be systemic. IT IS HARMFUL AND IT IS NOT ENOUGH to simply increase insulin levels.

The fight against diabetes should be complex and should be carried out using those products that not only lower blood sugar levels, but also ensure safety for the whole body.

If we are talking about specific products that people can use to independently fight diabetes, I would recommend a product like GlucoPro . It was developed by the American Center for Endocrinology in 20222021 . It is not a chemical product like metformin but a NATURAL COMPLEX FOR THE TREATMENT OF DIABETES THAT HAS MORE THAN 60 (!) DIFFERENT ACTIVE COMPONENTS.

GlucoPro is 80% composed of mulberry leaf tincture which is the most powerful stabilizer of blood sugar. It is a natural component and has no side effects, and diabetics can use it freely.

GlucoPro is excellent because it does not harm the body. In addition, it strengthens the body of diabetics. The most important thing is that it has beneficial effects on the disease in every way.

The effectiveness of GlucoPro is amazing! When we prescribed these capsules to our patients, 96% of them experienced a drop in blood sugar levels to normal ranges. This means that they can lead a completely normal life with minimal restrictions..

Pauline Muhanda

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  1. Caroline Njeri

    Interesting read Pauline. I didn’t know much about diabetes. I think from now on I’ll start controlling my sugar intake. Thanks for informing me about GlucoPro as well. I have a relative with diabetes. I know this product will help them.

  2. Beverlyne Jesire

    indeed it destroys the body cells.

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