Samsung Galaxy A04e Customer Review

Samsung Galaxy A04e Customer Review

Ladies and gents,today am gonna give my own review of the Samsung Galaxy A04e series as a user of course,so that probably it can be somewhat helpful to one who’s intending to purchase the device.

First things first,out of all words possible,that can best describe Samsung Outstanding.I admit,having been a user of other phone brands,i am yet to witness a smartphone that has solved the infinite burdens that android users have faced over the previous years. For instance,the battery capacity that has you covered for hours and hours of movie time,gaming,music-name them.The protective feature that limits charging to a 85 percent maximum charge even more extends battery life.

Thats not all,the camera performance is out of the ordinary imagination. Worry not to cling to the enjoyment of dozens of night snaps because the 13 mp rear camera with a 2mp depth got yah.It also has android 12 operating system, with software updates that even add up to system stability and fast operations.Internet connectivity is at 4g peak,and i can tell you that its more than fast for whatever is your calling in matters livestreams,video calls etc.

Hardware is at Octacore for CPU,3/4gb for RAM memory and internal storage 32/64/128gb depending on which of the two variants you go for.Moreso there are accelerometer and proximity sensors for apps that require,one of which is important to note being the Samsung Health app that keeps track of your fitness details.

All that said and much more,make no hesitation to grab this wonderful device and you have my word that there’s absolutely no room for disappointments.


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  1. Carson Anekeya

    Great device, worth trying.

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