How Thoughts Create Diseases

How Thoughts Create Diseases

It was once thought that genes were responsible for creating diseases, but this turns out to be false. For example if a member of your family suffered from heart disease, you are likely to get the same heart disease. This could not be further from the truth according to research in recent years.

As the title of the article indicates, it’s true that our thoughts can make us sick. See, genes don’t necessarily cause diseases. Through the study of epigenetics, we learn that the environment programs a gene to create a disease. This environment does not necessarily have to be external (for example smoking cigarettes, vaping etc). It can also be our internal environment.

Until we change our internal environment, there is still a high chance of someone attracting diseases that is stored in their DNA, which was passed on from a member of their family. You can change your location, get a new job, get a new partner but sooner or later the scales will balance and you will return to that emotional baseline.

As described in Dr Joe Dispenza’s book ‘BECOMING SUPERNATURAL’, emotions are a chemical feedback from experiences. For example if you start thinking about an event that occurred in the past and you start feeling emotions like fear, regret etc, these emotions travel throughout our bodies as chemical feedbacks.

When these chemicals reach our cell membranes, they are accepted by a receptor outside of the cell and they go straight to the DNA. As discussed earlier genes are not responsible for creating diseases. It is the environment that programs our genes to create certain diseases. So when these chemical feebacks from events enter our cells, they either up regulate (produces an increased expression of a gene) or down regulate (decreasing the expression of a gene)

In short, this means that if thinking about an event releases emotions such as fear, then your internal chemistry signals the genes to either up regulate or down regulate the expression of certain genes. This means that even if a person has a predisposition of a certain disease, as long as their genes continue to express health instead of that disease, then they won’t get that particular disease.

How thoughts REALLY create diseases.

With all the above knowledge in mind, let’s get into the technical stuff. Consider your body to be a fine tuned instrument that creates proteins. In fact every cell in our bodies apart from the red blood cells, produce a certain type of protein. For example muscle cells produce myosin, some eye cells produce keratin, skin cells produce collagen and elastin. The list goes on.

Proteins are responsible for body repair, body structure as well as physiological functions. For proteins to be produced, a gene has to be expressed, and for this gene to be expressed information has to come from it’s environment.

In a study conducted by Dr Joe and his team back in 2016, they measured a protein called Immunoglobulin A (IgA). IgA is a protein marker for the the strength of the immune system. It is also a protein responsible for healthy immune function and the internal defense system. This protein is more powerful than any flu shot or immune system booster that you can possibly take. It’s constantly fighting bacteria, viruses, fungi and other foreign organisms that threaten our overall health.

During this research, they took immunoglobulin A from saliva at the beginning of a four day workshop and at the end of this workshop. During this workshop, for approximately 10 minutes a day, the participants were asked to move to elevated emotional states such as love, joy, gratitude etc.

At the end of the four day workshop, the results were astonishing. IgA level had risen by about 49.5 percent which is very impressive. This means that if your thoughts produce emotions like fear and regret, your IgA levels reduce leaving you susceptible to diseases since your immune system cannot fight diseases. But the inverse is also true, if your thoughts produce emotions such as love, joy and gratitude, then your IgA levels increase and your body is always healthy. Kindly drop your thoughts on this subject in the comment section below. Cheers!

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  1. Danson Munyao

    This subject is a bit complicated for majority understand. Personally I have read and understood very little…. More detailed information is required to expound more

    1. It takes time to understand and internalise this material because it goes against every conventional way of thinking. Don’t rush just be patient and soon enough you will understand.

  2. Amy Ochola

    it is all in the mind. i am a huge fan of joe dispenza and his work. it is true that once you change your thoughts, your feelings are influenced and so will your external environment as well as internal.

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